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Though with food and cocktails this good, you probably won’t want to…

EATING and drinking is a very social affair in India. From tiffins to thalis, much of this vibrant cuisine involves a combination of lip-smacking small plates that are perfect for passing round and tucking in at will.

Tear, dip, pass, shovel, spoon, hog, nibble…we found ourselves doing all this and more on our recent visit, enjoying the likes of big pancake-like dosas, vegetable thali platters and spiced minced goat with bread barms. And with plenty for vegetarians and carnivores alike, pleasing everyone is a doddle.  

Off out with friends? The cocktails are pretty special too, with a range of ITR signature concoctions spanning All Spice in Jar - a bittersweet blend of sugarcane, all spices, grapefruit and smoked apple wood - to Bombay Delight, mango spiced with curry leaves and honey, served with gingerbread on the side.

Or, if you’re on midday meeting, why not try out a refreshing mocktail? 

Whatever the occasion, Indian Tiffin Room has you covered.

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