Limited-edition birthday beer, Eureka, is a Kveik-inspired IPA

Happy birthday to SEVEN BRO7HERS Brewing Co. Seven long, joyous beery years at the forefront of Manchester brewing. How it’s flown by. But how could one possibly celebrate the most on-brand birthday of them all?

With limited-edition beers of course, silly.

The Salford brewery is launching a limited-edition Kveik style India Pale Ale inspired by the Norwegian capital, Oslo. The beer comes fresh on the heels of the recently released Sticky toffee pudding and custard pale ale created by brewer and one of seven brothers, Luke McAvoy.

I felt it was important to reflect a small part of our journey with my 7 Series beer

The Can Of The New Eureka Beer From Seven Bro7 Hers Which Is Inspired By Ceo Keith Mc Avoys Time In Norway
Viking inspired artwork courtesy of Alexandra Francis

Eureka, the celebratory birthday beer, will form part of the 7 Series which sees each of the seven brothers launch their own special beer to coincide with the numerically satisfying anniversary. The beers themselves will explore the hobbies, personalities and quirks of the seven McAvoy brothers.

Salford via the Norwegian Capital

In collaboration with the brewing team, CEO and professional brother Keith McAvoy has created a Norwegian-inspired beer with the intention of taking beer drinkers and SEVEN BRO7HERS fans alike back to the inception of the brewery.

A decade ago Keith was living in (of all places) Oslo when he had his eureka moment and decided he needed to start a brewery with his brothers. Inspired by the city’s wonderful and somewhat different selection of beers, Keith wanted to bring Oslo’s brewery house model back to Salford.

One Of The Seven Brothers Behind Salfords Seven Bro7 Hers Brew Co Keith Mc Avoy
SEVEN BRO7HERS CEO and brother, Keith McAvoy

The Eureka moment celebrated in beer form

Beer number five out of seven in the aforementioned series is a Kveik-style IPA made using the Norwegian yeast of the same name. Kveik yeast has been used to make beers since the 1600s and gives a tropical flavour to beer, which lends itself to being paired with Zythos ‘pineapple’ hops and Citra for some welcome snack, crackle and oomph.

Speaking about his beer, CEO, Keith McAvoy, said:

“Living in Oslo I was blown away by just how great the beer was, I loved the culture and the accessibility to delicious, quality craft beers. It really was a ‘eureka’ moment for me, the first inspiration behind SEVEN BRO7HERS.”

“I felt it was important to reflect a small part of our journey with my 7 Series beer. This range has been such a celebration of each and everyone one of us, our bond as brothers and the hard work that has gone into the last seven years.

“I am enormously proud to say happy 7th birthday to our business, see it growing and expanding despite a challenging 18months. As we go from strength to strength it seems only right to nod to where it all started.”

The New Seven Bro7 Hers Eureka Beer Which Launches As Part Of The 7 Series Which Celebrates Seven Years Of The Salford Based Brewery
There's Nor way back after a few of these 7% beauties

Eureka joins a host of inventive and highly drinkable 7 Series beers including Kit McAvoy’s Peanut Butter on a Jaffa Cake Stout, Nathan McAvoy’s Depth Charge red IPA and Dan McAvoy’s Humble Pie, a blackberry and nettle wheat beer. Recent releases also include the not 7 Series, but still extremely inventive and dangerously drinkable Pineapple Pale.

Known for their vibrant designs, the brewery have collaborated with local artist Alexandra Francis to design the artwork for the cans, each visually telling the story behind the brothers and their respective beers.

For each beer in the 7 Series that’s sold, 7% of the profits will go to a charity of each brother’s choosing with donations from Keith’s beer going to HideOut Youth Zone. 

Located on Hyde Road in Gorton, HideOut is a safe and inspiring space visited by thousands of young people each year between the ages of eight and nineteen years old, seeking to provide support in skill development and getting young people into employment. 

Eureka (7% ABV) IPA is available from the SEVEN BRO7HERS web shop for £5 from Tuesday as well as being available in all SEVEN BRO7HERS beerhouses.

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