Harley Young joins the Rebel Diamonds on their third night in Manchester

Having recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas, I was missing all the larger-than-life glitz and glamour terribly. 

As luck would have it, a piece of Vegas was in town in the form of The Killers, who were performing four nights at Manchester's new arena Co-op Live

2024 06 22 The Killers
The Killers and their epic stage set-up Image: Confidentials

Supported by Glaswegian band Travis (known for their 90s hit Why Does It Always Rain On Me?), Brandon Flowers and the lads from Nevada wasted no time in whipping the crowd up into a frenzy by kickstarting their set with indie rock anthem Mr. Brightside

The crowd, visibly surprised by the song they were 99.9% sure would be played as the ultimate finale being used to open the night, looked like rabbits in headlights before quickly descending into the flurry of fist-pumping, pint-sloshing, lyric-chanting Brits you'd expect. As a nation, we just can't help it when we hear that unmistakable opening riff that transports us right back to the early 2000s.

It felt a bit like that scene in The Office when Michael Scott tells everyone "Ok, it's happening...everybody stay calm!"

The boys kept the momentum going by leading straight into Spaceman followed by Shot At The Night from 2013's Direct Hits album (a personal favourite). 

Once the arena was fully warmed up with Run For Cover, frontman Brandon Flowers, who was also celebrating his 43rd birthday on the same evening, told the crowd how the band had been coming to perform in Manchester for the past 20 years and that its the right place for rock and roll. 

In gospel-eqsue style, Flowers yelled "Can I get an 'Amen'?" before charging right on with Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine; another absolute banger from The Killers' debut album Hot Fuss

2024 06 22 The Killers Mncr Coop 24 Tom Martin 8
The Killers doing what they do best Image: Tom Martin

The indie heavyweights continued their set with a mixture of tracks from their early and latter days, including Somebody Told Me (2004)Quiet Town (2021) and guaranteed party starter Human (2008)

Later, Brandon asked the crowd if they liked covers before playing a homage to Manchester with their renditions of True Faith by New Order and, later on, Ten Storey Love Song by The Stone Roses.

He shared how the band had taken a lot of their inspiration from Manchester, saying that he first heard the word 'promenade' (used in Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine) pronounced in a British accent in Morrissey's Everyday Is Like Sunday

Flowers then reminisced on their first Manchester gig back in 2004 where they realised they were "very American". The band then returned home and started writing songs about where they were from. 

"But you accepted us when we pretended to be British and also now we're being ourselves, we we're thankful for that," he concluded as he lead into the next few belters. 

2024 06 22 The Killers Mncr Coop 24 Tom Martin 9
Frontman Brandon Flowers working the crowd Image: Tom Martin

The Las Vegas quartet finished their set with the absolute powerhouse track that is When You Were Young, before returning to the stage to play a further two tracks after thunderous applause from a thoroughly impressed crowd that weren't ready to go home just yet.

Heartfelt ballad Lightning Fields welcomed the boys back on stage before last but certainly not least track All These Things That I've Done

The Killers Mncr Coop 24 Tom Martin 12
Confetti soaring high above the heads of fans Image: Tom Martin

If you'd like to celebrate 20 years of The Killers at Co-op Live tonight (22 July), there's still a handful of tickets available here.


Mr Brightside
Shot At The Night
Run For Cover
Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
Quiet Town
Somebody Told Me
True Faith (New Order cover)
Here With Me
Battle Born
A Dustland Fairytale
Ten Storey Love Song (The Stone Roses cover)
Read My Mind
Smile Like You Mean It
My Own Soul's Warning
When We Were Young

Lightning Fields
All These Things That I've Done

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Header image credit: Tom Martin

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