THE ubiquitous under-butt; no festival is complete without a throng of dimply bum flesh falling out of denim shorts.

Can we do more than just a short-short? Or will they always reign in the festival style stakes?

Let's blame the festival bygone era when Kate Moss and Sienna Miller in their itsy-bitsy short-shorts (and their otherworldly cool) used to rule Glastonbury. Denim cut-offs will remain the hero of the generic festival uniform; complete with flower headbands, faux-boho tassels, neon face paints and culturally appropriating Native American headdresses.

Parklife festival here in Manchester is no diferent. 

This year, out of the 140,000 people who attended the Heaton Park weekender, many showed up with jazzy clobber suitable for the celebrity favourite desert fest, Coachella (others more suitable for Cirque Du Soleil). There were great examples of how to rock a short-short with style and class, while others went for wild and fashionable alternatives. Tassels and fringed jackets were a big hit, along with throwback 70s printed flares and oversized 90s inspired bomber jackets. 

Body Confidential hit the park with a discerning eye and a camera to find the best dressed and asked: "Can we do more than just a short-short? Or will they always reign in the festival style stakes?"

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