‘WONDERFIT ultra comfort jeans are form fitting and stretch to fit multiple sizes’ states George at Asda.

Multiple sizes?

That’s right. The supermarket claims the latest innovation in denim means these jeans will fit a size 8, 10 or 12 woman. The secret is in the super stretchy denim which uses a compact weave with a high elastane content that adapts to the size of the figure.

George at Asda, Wonderfit jeansFiona Lambert, George Brand Director said: "We’re well-known for our innovation at George, and the latest problem solving denim technology - he Wonderfit Jean - offers a solution to many women across the nation whose weight tends to fluctuate regularly.  

"We’ve all had days where we struggle to button up our favourite pair of jeans after over indulgence and likewise days where our favourite jeans are a little looser following weight loss. 

"With the Wonderfit, gaining or losing a few pounds will make no difference, you’re guaranteed a perfect fit every day."

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