The brains behind Ramona and The Firehouse announce a new 5,000 capacity venue, DieCast

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Hold off on booking those flights to Machu Picchu, because the Mancunian summer will see the opening of apparently ‘one of the most exciting destinations on the planet’, a new 5,000 capacity venue built around what was once Manchester’s largest factory and metalworks. 

DieCast, between Store Street and Ducie Street in Piccadilly, will boast all the now-expected fare of a mammoth beer garden and pizzeria, along with a dedicated rum bar and kombucha brewery. This is becoming a busy part of the city given that Freight Island is about a seven minute walk away with its 3,000 capacity. 

However the owners, responsible for Ramona and The Firehouse, hope it will be not simply a venue but ‘the new creative neighbourhood’ of Manchester, and have trumpeted it as ‘one of the most exciting destinations on the planet.’

We’re taking all our learnings from Ramona and The Firehouse, but this time it’s on an industrial scale.

With its first phase due to open in the summer, the finished article will be a cathedral to all things creative according to DieCast director and owner, Joel Wilkinson.

Joel said: "We’re taking all our learnings (sic) from Ramona and The Firehouse, but this time it’s on an industrial scale. It’s more than a venue. It’s an area within itself. A new creative neighbourhood for the city." 

Retaining its industrial features - corrugated steel, roller shutters and concrete terrazzo - the site has already served as a filming location and hosted events and parties.

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Image of the huge size of Diecast Image: DieCast

But come summertime the large outdoor space will be opened to the public, the first phase in what creative director, Adelaide Winter, hopes will become a new spot on the city’s cultural map.

Adelaide said: "The Factory floor and Machine Works are already being used for creative events, filmmakers, musicians and event producers to use. This is the first part of establishing DieCast as a new creative resource for the city, but this summer we will finally open the garden to the public for the first time."

Peru can wait, when the summertime arrives get yourself down to the back of Piccadilly.

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