Come and have a go if you think you’re hot enough

Fancy yourself as a bit of a wing connoisseur? Reckon you can handle the heat? The Blues Kitchen have got the perfect challenge for you with a flamin’ hot chicken wing eating competition that’s set to sort the heat from the chaff.

Laying down the spicy gauntlet for one night only on Wednesday 17 November, The Blues Kitchen on Quay Street, is teaming up with Manchester’s DevilDog Sauces, inviting 50 brave participants to take part in a five-round hot wing challenge. 

The brave 50 will be required to eat ever hotter wings on the Scoville scale resulting in a mind-blowing final round. The winner will get a £50 bar and food tab and substantial glory. 

To the people taking part, best to prepare now by putting a loo roll in the freezer

The competition, which will take place in the venue’s concert hall, will also be open to spectators with Manchester radio presenter Tilly Tillz on MC duties all-night bringing the laughs amongst the fiery, stomach-burning regret. Thankfully, milk and water will be available throughout all five rounds for contestants.

The Blues Kitchen On Quay Street In Manchester Pictured At Night By Jody Hartley
For one night only The Blues Kitchen will be challenging the city's most daring sauce heads Jody Hartley

Devil Dog bringing the sauce

Sauce for the evening’s wings will be provided by Levenshulme-based DevilDog Sauces with five rounds of increasing heat that will take competitors to frightening heights on the Scoville scale (the official measure of chilli hotness).

Kicking off proceedings, the first round wings will be coated in DevilDog’s Mango, Scotch Bonnet & Lime sauce, a temperate and enjoyable 400,000 Scoville units. A walk in the proverbial chilli park in light of things to come.

Second round wings will bring a dramatic jump in heat. DevilDog’s Reaper, Scorpion & 7 Pot Chilli will see wings covered in a sauce made of Carolina Reaper (1.6 million Scoville units give or take), Trinidad Scorpion Butch T (roughly, 1.2 million units) and 7 Pot Primo (up to 1.3 million units) chillies. It’s at this stage that the first beads of sweat are likely to appear.

A Spread At The Blues Kitchen On Quay Street In Manchester Featuring Southern Bbq Classics Like Wings And Burgers
There will be plenty of scran for spectators, including free buffalo wings

For the love of hot ones

Round three will up the heat once more. Delicious wings slathered in Naga Viper sauce will punish (or delight, if you’re into this sort of thing) competitors with a Naga Morich (1+ million units) heavy sauce with an Asian spiced plum base and raspberry for tartness. Underestimate the addition of fruit at your own peril.

The penultimate round sees further heat with a Carolina Reaper-heavy sauce (both the Naga Viper and Carolina Reaper sauces have been made in collaboration with 3 Hands Deli) that also channels blackberry and lemon thyme.

The final will be chili pepper brutality in its purest form. Wings will be covered in a sauce merely named The Decider, a bespoke DevilDog creation crafted for the evening itself. Made with Armaggedon (1.3 million units, 400 times hotter than your average jalapeño), the sauce also channels white vinegar and red bell pepper but who are we kidding? Your fire-torn palate is unlikely to get those notes.

Devil Dog Sauces Bespoke The Decider Sauce Which Will Cover Chicken Wings In The Final Round Of The Blues Kitchen Flamin Hot Wing Challenge
Is there anything more terrifying than a small bottle of bespoke chilli sauce labelled with a Sharpie?

For those intrigued by the action but unwilling to take the pain, The Blues Kitchen will be offering free buffalo wings with spectators encouraged to come along and support the brave contestants.

To the people taking part, best to prepare now by putting a loo roll in the freezer. We wish you the best of luck.

The Blues Kitchen Flamin’ Hot Wing Eating Competition will take place on Wednesday 17 november from 7pm. The entry form is now open to sign-ups (note: entry closes on Friday 5 November). DevilDog sauces are available to order online.

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Liam Kirwan, founder of DevilDog Sauces gives us a play-by-play of what competitors can expect:

Round 1

“We have broken all of our own rules for one night only. DevilDog has never aspired to create the hottest sauces but if it's for a challenge then we had to turn up the heat. First round is our scotch bonnet, mango and lime which to the average chilli lover is more than manageable. A real burst of sweet mango and refreshing lime cushions the blow of fruity citrus heat that comes from scotch bonnets.”

Round 2

“Our reaper, scorpion and seven pot. Things start to heat up here as we introduce the world of super-hot chillies. Carolina reaper, Trinidad scorpions and 7 pot Douglah chillies bring an afterburn to this sauce that will let folks know they're not in Kansas anymore

Round 3

“Naga viper, Asian spiced plum and raspberry. By now the contestants palates are definitely primed for the bridge that this sauce is. It's a really deceptive sauce as you're lulled into a false sense of security with flavour-packed Asian spiced plum sauce and tart raspberry syrup before the Naga has its way with you.”

Round 4

“Entering the danger zone. Carolina reaper, blackberry and lemon thyme was our hottest sauce to date, only debuting two months ago. Again the siren’s song of flavour draws you in with the tart bold blackberry flavour underlined by the herbaceous lemon thyme before a tsunami of heat comes on, not one, but two waves. Heading into the final round I expect the number of competitors to have lessened quite a bit and the ones that have bowed-out can consider themselves lucky as the next sauce is one we crafted especially for the night.”

Round 5

“It's simply called 'The Decider'. No flowery explanation of tasting notes here. This sauce is here to do one thing and one thing only: hurt you. Armageddon chillies bring the wrath of hellfire to those who try it. Even the warning on the bottle tells those foolish enough to try it: 'Walk away! Just walk away.' Of course there will be those who, no matter how hot the sauce, will consume it and to them I tip my cap. Bravo!”

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