No deposit, flexible contracts, a built-in community and you can even bring your dog

If you were to ask the average person what they reckon the downside of renting a city centre apartment would be, a common theme would emerge. A hefty deposit, no pets allowed, not child-friendly and being tied in on lengthy contracts (or leaving early and saying goodbye to that hefty deposit) are all strong contenders for why people run off in the direction of a house of their own in the suburbs.

But what about the up-sides? Amazing views, a sociable atmosphere, cost-free maintenance (if your boiler blows it's the landlords problem not yours) and being so close to the city's amenities are all likely to top the list of advantages.

2019 06 12 Angel Meadows Courtyard
Moda comprises of 466 apartments on Miller Street in Angel Gardens

Brand new city apartments Moda might be establishing itself a few steps ahead of the rest. The 466 apartments on Miller Street in Angel Gardens are pet friendly, family friendly, there is no deposit to pay, (in fact no up-front fees) and flexible contracts. 

While it's not completely flexible  - residents are still expected to stay for a minimum of six months - Moda are convinced what they are offering is so damn attractive it will be hard for residents to want to leave.

A 24-hour concierge promises to 'help you settle in, meet your neighbours and get tuned into your city' – and it is all included in the rent.

As is a rooftop sports pitch, a state-of-the-art gym and a residents lounge that could quite easily grace the pages of a luxury interiors magazine. This creates plenty of uber-cool opportunities to meet your neighbours. Cinema night in the media room anyone? Or how about a book club in the library or a spot of roof top yoga? Read more here

2019 10 04 Moda Courtyard
Moda's courtyard space

There are numerous ways to get involved in communal activities, but as General Manager Kate Barnes told me during a guided tour of the new apartments: “We aren't trying to offer ‘forced fun’. Residents can be involved as little or as much as they want.” 

What with loneliness being a prevalent concern among renters, and dire statistics that highlight how few of us even know who our neighbours are anymore, the option to opt in to a form of community certainly seems like a good idea.

The apartments themselves are very aesthetically pleasing although you can opt for furnished or not - with no price difference. Handy if you have a lot of furniture of your own and equally as handy if you have nothing at all to sit on.

The furnished version comes with contemporary decor, designed by leading interior designer Naomi Cleaver, offering a soft-hued, elegant palette with punchy pops of colour such as funky burnt orange or emerald green sofas. 

2019 10 04 Moda Bedroom
interiors have been designed by Naomi Cleaver
2019 10 04 Moda Dining Room
Punchy pops of colour

Well chosen art work, ambient lighting and a scattering of plants give the rooms a personable touch as do soft furnishings in tactile fabrics – in fact everything looks so scrumptiously touchable. Residents can choose between a studio, one, two or three bedrooms, all interior designed and finished to the same high standard. 

Moda is also home to Hero Wellbeing, a brand-new fitness concept, combining physical, mental and social wellbeing together in the form of a fitness studio and bespoke wellness app. Residents will be able to book a complimentary health check with a 3D body scan, work out in the free 24-hour residents’ gym, have nutritionist-designed meals delivered to their door, learn how to make them themselves with cooking classes and attend regular health and wellbeing events.

2019 10 04 Moda Gym
Hero Wellbeing

On-site flexible workspace and bookable meeting rooms will give freelancers the chance to work from home but still have company. And a lack of green space has also been addressed with a resident’s garden in place where more apartments could have been built. 

So it seems as far as physical and mental health are concerned Moda has pretty much got it covered and it really is a case of having everything on your doorstep. 

But again, Kate Barnes says she doesn’t feel residents will simply hole themselves up and never leave. “Residents will have everything at their fingertips but that doesn’t mean they won’t choose to leave and go out in to the city.

“We are aiming to be a community - not a cult!” 

To find out more about renting an apartment at Moda, click here.