Need some insta inspiration? Here are Manchester's most visually pleasing hotspots

When it was revealed that three Manchester locations made the top twenty 'most Instagrammable places' in the UK, we were intrigued. Instagrammers enjoy a flowery field or glorious beach or two, but it turns out they love an urban setting even more. From fashionable restaurants to graffiti walls, gritty equals pretty. 

You can usually catch a fashionista leaning against the walls looking all distant as though she forgot to lock a door

The three places that made the top twenty were: Victoria Baths (number 6) the Outhouse in Stevenson Square (number 8) and Barton Arcade (number 12). All notable spots to be sure, but we thought we could find a few more locations worthy of the 'gram. From neon lights to soaring arches, Manchester's got everything you need to keep your aesthetic on point.

Here are just a few....

Mackie Mayor

Not only is the food good but this place is so easy on the eye with attention to detail everywhere you look. Plus it is dog-friendly which never hurts as cute dogs are Instagram gold.

Salford Lads Club

Let’s be honest, every indie boy/girl has headed here for a profile pic through the ages… The go-to ‘I’m from Manchester/Salford me’ dating app profile picture. Usually accompanied by a Smiths’ lyric, this place is part of the tapestry of Manchester’s famous music history and if you want to give more than a nod to it this is the place for you.

Town Hall Extension 

Most people would say the Town Hall itself has that instagrammable element but the Town Hall Extension (next to the Central Library) gets its fair share of bloggers, photographers and videographers. The Harry Potter-esque arches have featured in many a moody portfolio shot.


Archie's milkshakes bring all the instagrammers to the yard. It's a perfect place for posing by the pink neon, over the top of a multi-layered burger or lounging in a booth.

The Ivy

I mean, have you even been to The Ivy if you haven't taken an artful picture of the rooftop restaurant or posted a duck faced pose in the pink and gold ladies loos?


Manchester has the second largest Chinatown in the UK and the third largest in Europe. The colourful archway on Faulkner Street looks fabulous all year round from dawn until dusk.


We know you know already, but just in case you've been hiding in a shipping container under the Mancunian Way and haven't heard, Hatch is a development made up of colourful shipping containers at the end of Oxford Road. It's recently expanded to house even more street food outlets, bars and independent shops.

San Carlo Fumo

Lesser-known sibling of the King Street celeb haunt, San Carlo Fumo on St Peter's Square is its more sophisticated, elegant sister. With dramatic lighting and a long, sleek grey marble bar, think beautiful places for beautiful people and you’re bob on. You get the added bonus of some of the best Italian food too. It’s a great place to get dressed up for and frequently attracts the insta famous.

Spear Street

Spear Street is caked in urban art that is updated, renewed and replenished frequently. If you like bright colours and edgy graphics then this is the street for you. You can usually catch an artist finishing their work or some fashionista leaning against the walls looking all distant as though she forgot to lock a door.

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