Body Confidential with the local bloggers helping to cement the city’s fashion credibility

‘Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe, paid-to-wear outfits every hour: Please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style’ - a note from a senior Vogue editor in 2016, who was quite evidently pissed about the growing onslaught of bloggers and influencers who are now considered front row fashion fodder. 

It was harsh to say the least.

But say what you want about fashion and beauty bloggers, they have created a burgeoning industry all of their own and documenting your outfits or makeup looks is no longer a hobby, this is a full-time business... and a profitable one at that (one word: Zoella). 

In Manchester, we have a number of blogger stars helping to encourage this booming industry in the UK. Some have since left us (come back to us @InTheFrow), but there are many others who continue to shine from our neck of the woods. 

From the chic to the minimalists and eclectic trailblazers, we've listed eleven Manchester bloggers who have amassed hundreds of thousands of loyal followers.


There’s really no point creating a Manchester bloggers list without mention of blogging megastar, Megan Ellaby. Nationally known for her bold and eclectic mix of colour, prints, plus 60s and 70s shapes, Ellaby stands apart from her peers for her distinctive and refreshing take on popular trends. Ellaby is always true to her personal style and individuality. A former ASOS-insider, Ellaby’s unique eye for fashion has seen her work with everyone from Topshop to Hermés.

Megan Ellaby


It’s hard to believe Onyi Moss and her husband Craig (a well-practiced Instagram husband) live in Manchester and not a picturesque land where perfect coffee art, fashion-forward outfits and romantic PDA are the norm. Moss, a self-taught photographer and chartered accountant, has been stunning the Instagram world with her fairy-tale like composition and professional photography – somehow she even makes Piccadilly Gardens look like Central Park. Onyi’s status amongst the fashion community is high, seeing her work with multiple big name brands over the past year.

Onyi Moss


Okay, so Lindsey Holland no longer lives in Manchester, but you can take the girl out of Stockport but not Stockport out of the girl, right? A former professional dancer and physiotherapist by day, Holland is steadily becoming one of the UK’s most popular bloggers, due to her Scandinavian-inspired street style and excellent work with denim (there really is 1000 ways to wear jeans). Holland - also great friends with former Manchester-based blogger @ShotFromTheStreet – has become a frequent feature on the blogger circuit and is a great example of effortless street style.

Lindsey Holland


You know you’re onto something when you’re known by just your first name. With her signature afro, enthusiastic personality and ethical approach to shopping, Samio has become both a recognisable face and trusted voice in the Manchester fashion industry. A full-time model and blogger, Samio’s career is blossoming with notable features on various television commercials including a citywide campaign with TK Maxx. A stunner with an enviable city-chic style, Samio also shines on Youtube with her valuable advice on capsule wardrobes ('buy less, wear more' is her motto), and bubbly, conversational content. 



Ellen Brockbank brings a lot of creativity, cool and sass to the Manchester fashion scene. With an arm full of tattoos, cascading ombred locks and a fearless approach to styling, there’s no trend this Manchester girl could not wear. Need help pairing your new PVC trousers, leopard Chelsea boots and this season’s favourite beret? Look no further. 

Ellen Brockbank


Amira’s social media following is growing. An aspiring stylist, she’s known for her modest approach to urban streetwear, pairing her cool everyday looks with her stylishly wrapped headscarf and statement earrings. As the retail industry steadily begins to acknowledge and cater for consciously dressed women, Amira’s Instagram and YouTube account are a welcome and refreshing guide to high street fashion done modestly.

Modest Mira

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Lydia Jane Tomlinson is a girl after our own heart; her blog is part fashion guide, part tongue-n-cheek manual for millennial girls (plus, she’s mastered the art of whimsical Instagram captions.) A frequenter of Manchester’s restaurants and bars, Lydia’s personal style is mix of sophisticated, feminine and trend conscious pieces. 

Lydia Jane Tomlinson


Bubbly, likeable and a ‘proper Northern lass’, Sabina Sher has been winning Manchester over with her loveable charm and great sartorial choices. A big champion of monochrome outfits, Sabina’s well-curated Instagram account shares her love for great staple pieces, premium hair products and of course Manchester city centre. 

Sabina Sher

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Blogger Alice Catherine - with her trademark high bun, coiffered bangs and expertly calligraphied winged eyeliner - epitomises elegant Parisian style. There’s an unfussiness to Alice’s outfits, with no showy jewellery or loud embellishments – just simple, beautiful, effective fashion. 

Alice Catherine


Sophisticated, chic, classic, charming – all of the above words could be used to describe Lauren Cokjuler’s personal style. A champion for both designer and high street fashion, Lauren has a talented ability to combine her love and knowledge of high fashion with more accessible pieces (she’s been known to mix Primark with Gucci). A fan of Scandinavian minimalist chic, Lauren can be mostly found wearing sleek modern tailoring, muted tones and elegant gold details. Also known as ‘The Fashion Panic’, Lauren is a vocal advocate for mental health awareness.

Lauren Çokjüler


Another of Manchester’s nationally known bloggers, Sophia Rosemary’s style is a fresh and fun update on the classics. A champion of vintage clothing (and a firm dungarees enthusiast), Sophia Rosemary can do wonders with a vintage-style floral pinafore dress and a Victorian style pussy bow blouse. Feminine, preppy, colourful and fun, Sophia Rosemary has become the go-to blogger for a host of major high street brands. 

Sophia Rosemary


Rarely seen about town without her beautiful medley of accessories and funky designer handbags, Irena is a Manchester fashion blogger who understands luxury. Originally from Ukraine, Irena moved to Manchester to study music before embarking on her promising fashion blogging career. With her focus on premium and designer fashions, Irena’s blog has become a how-to on fun yet sophisticated style.

Irena D World

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