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The Castlefield art gallery will be hosting nine experimental shorts on Saturday 4 March

THEIR current exhibition, TWO: Northern Abstracts, opened last month with a bustling bubbly-fuelled launch event and their debut showcase is now being displayed in the Portico. Yes, despite only opening late last year, the folks at Saul Hay are already making a substantial impression on the local art scene (not to mention the Castlefield community - local car park manager - another Ian - has become rather partial to Ian Hay’s regular tea rounds.) 

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But gallery owners Ian and Catherine Hay aren’t stopping there. Always keen to think outside the proverbial box, they’ll be playing host to nine experimental short films on Saturday 4 March from midday as part of Manchester Film Festival.  

These include:

Running Through Life - Helene Moltke-Leth: A lyrical Danish film (English language) that explores the stress and expectations of modern society, this UK premiere asks: ‘Is it possible to live a balanced life?’ Runtime eight minutes.

Because I Am - Lawrie Zidyana: With the president leading the anti-gay rhetoric, being a lesbian in Zimbabwe is frightening to say the least. A response to President Robert Mugabe, this courageous short is based on a poem written by a Zimbabwean LGBT. Runtime six minutes.

To the Ends of the Fingertips - Roswitha Chesher: Slipping through the fingers of time, we follow a search for freedom and fulfilment in this visually rich and surreal tale - a Big Dance & Channel 4 commission. Runtime three minutes. 

Abstract Iterations II - Sabrina Schmid: A tribute to the avant-garde artist Malevich, who made the ultimate statement on abstraction 100 years ago with his iconic Black Square, this playful piece combines direct-on-film painting and collaging with computer imaging and digital animation. Runtime four minutes. 

The Copyist - Kőszegi Tamás: The office photocopier sees much more than we can imagine. In the darkness of the copy room anything can happen... This quirky Hungarian work is the first narrative story ever made with a photocopier. Runtime eight minutes.

Wait Wait spring - Cade Bursell: US director Bursell responds to the difficult winter of her partner’s breast cancer treatment - when the promise of spring and recovery were all that sustained them - in this nostalgic UK premiere. Runtime three minutes. 

Eleven Eleven - Alicia Krawchuk: Ever felt stuck in a rut? This Canadian short follows the wandering thoughts of a young woman trapped in a conventional life, as she contemplates how to break her routine monotony. Runtime eight minutes.

Dominio - Patricio Soto Aguilar: Chilean director Aguilar ponders what would happen if ‘we competed on the track as inefficiently as we live our lives’ in this multi award-winner; which showcases the body and its ability to compete under pressure. Runtime six minutes.

Railment - Shunsaku Hayashi: With beautifully-drawn visuals, this Japanese world premiere reflects on what it means to be still in a world that’s anything but. Runtime ten minutes.

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Not only is entry free, visitors will also have an opportunity to talk to the filmmakers about their creations. And of course it’s a great opportunity to have a gander at TWO: Northern Abstracts while you’re there. Happy spectating.


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