Emma Carr proves that fire engine red should be embraced not feared

Fire engine red leather trousers are not for the fainthearted, after all, bright red is the universal symbol for WARNING...DANGER...STOP.

Yet, to make a statement in fashion you have to make brave sartorial choices. For this coming Autumn/Winter season, designers from Givenchy to Max Mara have embraced spicy, fiery red hues throughout their seasonal collections. Red leather has also inevitably made its way onto the high street and looks set to become a fashion staple. 

Stylish as they are, red leather trousers have not been widely seen since the time of Michael Jackson's Thriller - so can they really become a day-to-day item?

In this edition of the Manchester Lookbook, personal stylist Emma Carr shows us how to make the red leather trend work without looking like a kinky biker (unless that’s what you're going for). Against the colour-rich backdrop of Spinningfield’s Comptoir Libanais, Carr shares three chic and understated outfits for business, drinks and a casual day out wearing red leather trousers from Uterque (£155).

2017 08 11 Emma Carr Comptoir Stills 2017 08 11 Emma Carr Comptoir Still 3 2017 08 11 Emma Carr Comptoir Stills 2

Emma Carr wears red leather trousers by Uterqüe - £155