EX-ENGLAND football player, Michael Gray’s hair transplant surgery is being streamed live to viewers across the internet on livesurgery.farjo.net, in a first for the UK’s cosmetic surgery industry.

"We will be filming every aspect of the procedure, from donor extraction to re-implantation

The UK’s first live broadcast of hair transplant surgery performed by Dr Bessam Farjo – Medical Director of the Institute of Trichologists – also involves both surgeon and patient taking part in a real-time Q&A via Twitter. Questions can be submitted by tweeting to @BessamFarjo using the hashtag #LiveTransplant.

Dr Farjo said: “I believe this is the first time a surgeon has attempted to broadcast a hair transplant live in the UK. We will be filming every aspect of the procedure, from donor extraction to re-implantation.

Micky GrayMicky Gray“Ourbroadcast is intended to orchestrate a pioneering moment for the hair loss community, as well as the surgical field, giving the nation a first-hand look at the procedure and helping to dispel misconceptions around hair transplant surgery.”

Michael Gray seeks to improve his receding hairline. He said: “I’m very excited to be part of this landmark project, as it will give members of the public unlimited access to a procedure that has been appearing in the press more and more recently.

“People refer to the harrowing experience a woman must go through when losing her hair, however it can be equally upsetting for men, who can suffer from a severe loss of self-esteem. I hope the live broadcast will help us to educate people about hair transplant surgery and open up discussions around the solutions available to those experiencing hair loss.”

For those who have missed the live transmission, you can still view an edited version of the day-long surgery here. Have a look. It’s not as gory as you think...

Dr Farjo Performs Hair Transplant LiveDr Farjo Performs Hair Transplant Live