PALE skin and dark hair – not a good combination when it comes to body hair. Like most girls, I was told by my mum, “Never shave your legs”. Like most girls, I ignored her.

What about the paper pants? I was horrified when I realised there were none

The legs and armpits aren't such a trauma (hello, Bic). But the bikini line is a different matter. Whatever method I use, it always results in ingrown hairs and quick regrowth.

I've had my bikini line waxed at salons but I’ve never been pleased with the results: they were often patchy and would only last a week or so. So I put up with hair removal cream and epilating – messy and painful.

After years of this DIY hair removal, I decided to try the intimate waxing service at City Spa Escapes in Spinningfields. These private treatment rooms are owned by Ashleigh Guthrie who is at the top of her field in intimate hair removal, for women and men.

At my first appointment I’d let things go, so to speak, and was expecting pain plus lots of embarrassment.

Ashleigh showed me to the treatment room and told me to get undressed from the waist down. What about the paper pants? I was horrified when I realised there were none.



She told me to lie on the bed with a towel across me, then left the room so I could get myself ready. When she returned, she explained that she uses Lycon wax which is perfect for intimate waxing. An oil is applied thinly first to protect the skin as it acts as a barrier, so only the hair is being picked up by the wax. The wax is applied directly to the skin, solidifies and then is whipped off – a lot less painful than the more traditional methods of waxing.

Lycon wax is also good for waxing short hairs so you don’t have to wait for lots of regrowth in between waxes.

Ashleigh asked whether I’d like a bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood. Having been out of the waxing game a while I opted for a Brazilian, thinking I’d be left with a considerable amount of hair.

Then it was time to lie back and think of England. Ashleigh applied the oil, put the first lot of wax on, it was warm and smelled of strawberries. It was left to cool and solidify, then Ashleigh whipped it off.

Yes, there was a small amount of pain, but nothing to scream about.

Also the no-pants embarrassment had rapidly disappeared as Ashleigh was professional but reassuringly chatty.

I don't want to go into too much detail but I didn’t even cringe when Ashleigh asked me to turn over so she could wax from behind. She explained that most therapists would ask you to "get on all fours" "hands & knees" (a little undignified) whereas her clients simply lie face down parting their cheeks a little.

Twenty minutes later, Ashleigh had worked her magic and I was all 'groomed'.

Being the naïve person I am, I was a little surprised at how much is taken away with a Brazilian. I felt like I was living in that episode of Sex and the City. But it was a pleasant surprise – I was really happy with the results.

That was three weeks ago. I’ve no ingrown hairs, I’ve been pretty much hair-free and I’m now an intimate waxing convert. No more hair removal cream for me.

City Spa Escapes is offering 2-for-1 on all intimate waxing. Click here for more information.