WE have a firm editorial rule at Manchester Confidential: NO MENTION OF THE WEATHER. That same old tired cliche of rainy Manchester makes us yawn. Look, Manchester is only the eighth rainiest city in the United Kingdom. We're not having it anymore. There.

After awhile the city’s colours just jump out at me

Manchester-based photographer Mark Whitaker clearly shares our frustration, and has set about celebrating the city in all of its vivid, colour-rich glory through his Instagram account, Manchester In Colour.

While exploring Manchester, Whitaker often turns his camera’s eye to simple, rudimentary subjects – whether a postbox or tiled floor - and makes them pop with exuberant colour.

“I’m drawn to colours,” says Whitaker. “I'd get sick of going out taking pictures and returning with these gloomy shots of the city when it’s so rich in colour. You only have to walk through the Northern Quarter, or visit the new HOME theatre, the Royal Exchange, even the Urban Splash apartment buildings on Lampwick Lane to notice this.

“My favourite images change day to day. The Chinese lanterns at Town Hall are always a treat. I find inspiration everywhere. After a while the city’s colours just jump out at me.”

We like Whitaker, he's doing the city justice. Let's leave the rain to the drips eh?

Here's our favourite pics from the Manchester In Colour Instagram account...