Join the club - The Laser Club - for hair-free limbs and a Hollywood smile

No-one looks their best right now and that’s fine. Home waxing is a faff and a half, especially when your bare pins are encased in slob wear 24hrs a day. Why bother?

Well, the sun is starting to shine and life might (whisper it) be getting back to normal. Outdoor drinking is here and floaty beer garden dresses and summery shorts are pinging up all over your phone (damn those creepy personalised ads). Let’s face it, you can’t hide your legs away forever.

Fortunately, The Laser Club is here to help. Quick and virtually painless, the triple wavelength technology can target even the finest hairs, giving you the smooth limbs you seek. You’ll see impressive results after just one session and after a course of six treatments, you’ll be bagging up your joggers and packing them off to a charity shop. 

It’s not just about looking good but feeling good too and Laser Club-smooth legs feel great. Taking the time to look after yourself just makes you feel more like you. And after the year we’ve all been through, it’s good to try and reclaim that person who used to dance on tables in hot pants. We may have all spent Saturday nights eating beans on toast in our dressing gown but the other you still exists.

And right now The Laser Club has 40% off their full body package. 

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So the team at The Laser Club are Manchester’s laser hair removal experts, right, (clue’s in the name) but did you know they also specialise in teeth whitening? That’s non-peroxide laser teeth whitening. 

You can go up to 12 shades lighter in just an hour meaning all that black coffee won’t take the shine off your smile quite so much. With top-up sessions recommended throughout the year, you can hang on to your caffeine habit and your new pearly whites. 

Find out more about these and other services available from The Laser Club.

Find The Laser Club at 480 Chester Rd, Old Trafford, Stretford, Manchester M16 9HE or click here to find out more.