From club culture to catwalk couture, House of MCR will take over Aviva Studios from 20-22 June

Expect three nights of spectacular runway performances, spanning genres including the city’s underground clubland and nu-wave cabaret scene, as Factory International presents House of MCR. 

The groundbreaking performances will take elements from international underground subcultures and bring them to a huge runway stage in Aviva Studios’ giant Warehouse space.

Guests will be dazzled by sequins and death-drops as 27 QTIPOC (Queer, Trans, and/or Intersex Person of Colour) performers from Manchester’s nightlife scene take to the stage and compete across six categories: We Dress, We Sing, We Dance, We Strip, We Lip Sync and We Are Family, of which the final category will see performers joined on stage by a member of their chosen or biological family to show unity, love and solidarity. 

Running from tonight until Saturday evening, no two shows are the same and the audience decides who will take home the crown. As well as bringing the fun and fabulousness to Aviva Studios, House of MCR will also educate on the history and politics of a culture created by and for marginalised people brought in recent years to the mainstream.

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2024 06 20 House Of Mcr 1
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House of MCR is a curation of Manchester’s QTIPOC talent directed and choreographed by Darren Pritchard and long-time collaborator Rikki Beadle-Blair.

As a native Mancunian, Darren has spent 20 years mastering his skills as a director, producer and choreographer, working in the fashion, theatre, television and performing arts industries whilst also pioneering efforts with Black Pride MCR. 

2024 06 20 Darren Pritchard
Darren Pritchard

Darren says "House of MCR will be a spectacular celebration of joy. Nothing like this has been produced on this scale for the communities I am working with. We are aiming for the audience to have the night of their lives."

Co-creator Rikki says “The mission is simple - to bring together all races, genders and sexualities and give them the night of their lives. Dressed up or dressed down - The House of MCR is a gorgeous wild safe space where everyone belongs. Even you…especially you.”

2024 06 20 Rikki Beadle Blair Chris Jepson
Rikki Beadle-Blair Image: Chris Jepson

A true Mancunian effort, the performers' outfits have been created with support from students at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Fashion Institute under the watchful eye of award-winning designer Gavin Douglas. 

Guests are invited to stay around after each two-hour show to join further celebrations with afterparties hosted by local legends, Ghetto Fabulous, Club Zindagi and Swagga.

Seated and standing tickets are available from £10 and can be purchased here.

2024 06 20 House Of Mcr Thumb

South Warehouse, Aviva Studios, M3 4JQ

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