Plus footy parrots, influencer shade and Reverend Richard Coles on the loose

It’s coming home. There, we’ve said it. Back to the food and drink. Manchester’s been spoilt for sun this week and we’ve been spoilt for content. It’s a joy to see everyone returning to restaurants with food on proper plates in proper spaces. Football fever has also brought a welcome return to pubs and outdoor spaces bringing back a level of energy that we’ve really missed.

This week’s hashtag Manchester suggests nature is healing with some influencer kickback, alcoholic prawns and Greater Manchester through the eyes of a former popstar turned reverend. Remember to keep checking in, masking and distancing where possible. Enjoy the sunshine and bring on the content.

Scroll on for our weekly round-up of full-fat social media content from Manchester's food and drink scene

Oxford Road looks a bit different

Good news for food hall fans. Hello Oriental has teased a 3D walkthrough of its new videogame in which Oxford Road is transformed into a Mad Max sandscape and the climate is so hot that people have melted into beige clay-life mannequins. That said, there’s something extremely peaceful about the whole thing. Add some Asian food vendors and a market and we imagine it would be very nice indeed. 

Money from molasses

Manchester-based Rockstar Spirits was on BBC’s Dragon’s Den this week trying to get an investor on board. Unlike other episodes where the invention breaks or the Dragons see through an entrepreneur’s inability to count, founder Tom Hurst just got them a bit tipsy and it all worked out. The episode is worth a watch for Touker Suleyman’s neat rum face. We remember our first drink too.

And we could’ve got away with it if it wasn’t for you Ped’ling kids

A word of warning to the influencers of the world this week as Crazy Pedro's publicly rumbled some serious social media grifting. Peds posted to remind everyone that they’ve only been open for a maximum of five months out of the last fifteen. Thus, influencers should consider the ultimate collaboration which is buying some actual food instead. Prosecute them for using the word “yummy”, we say.

No place I’d Rev’er be

The Rev Richard Coles was out on the loose in Manchester last week, recording his escapades in a Bryson-esque stream of whimsical observational tweeting. He went to Oldham Mumps. He went to HOME. He considered the Manchester Metrolink map and presumably after a few too many in Boujee he decided that Manchester and Valencia needed twinning. We’re not sure about the Flan de Bruyneano but we’re glad he enjoyed his trip.

Get your pies out for the dads

Few things in this life scream paternal appreciation more than "dad" stamped onto the top of a pie. The Albion Farm Shop is clearly aware of this and that’s why it's stamped it onto multiple pies including ploughman's, spinach and feta, chicken gammon and stuff and of course, classic pork. If you’re still looking for dad day inspiration, we’ve written a handy Fathers Day guide that might help too.

We are all Hina the dog

Spare a thought for Hina the dog. Last week Hina was presented with the ultimate conundrum. Be good and leave the freshly barbequed Rice Over Everything chicken on the table or be a bit naughty and gobble all of the freshly barbecued Rice Over Everything chicken and then pass out on the floor in a food coma. Needless to say the second option was difficult to resist. We are all Hina the dog.

A better use for sambuca

British drinking culture has ruined sambuca. What’s meant to be a cultured tipple enjoyed neat or on the rocks is for many people in this country is a liquid associated with the terror in a Yates' when it’s all gone too far. You never see the lads getting on it with a tray of Ouzos, do you? So it’s comforting to see Sugo Pasta Kitchen giving customers the chance to experience sambuca properly on its June specials board. Look at the size of those prawns.

Hey, Pizza, leave them kids alone 

School trips have come a long way, we see. When we were young it was trudging through dusty museums or bus trips to bits of castle and now, apparently, it’s all good vibes Neopolitan Pizza. How times have changed. Last week Chorlton’s Double Zero welcomed pupils from Manchester Grammar School’s Italian department to come and experience how proper pizza is made from scratch. Those kids will never look at a Dominos in the same way again.

Shiver me Lingers

In case you missed it this weekend, Manchester United midfielder Jesse Lingard was out and about the watching the football at One Central in Altrincham. He also happened to take a parrot with him. Make of that what you will.

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