Plus toast beef, Jewish delicacies and football free zones

Well that wasn’t very it’s coming home, was it? Not to worry, we’ve still got faith in Gareth and the boys and so should you.

This week saw contradictions galore as hospitality watched on as thousands of Scottish football fans made a mockery of social distancing and Scotland snuck in a Manchester travel ban without first consulting with the city. Father’s day came and went, we hope you treated your old man to something nice.

The content meanwhile was all fuzzy warmth and inspirational youth. From the latest generation of the Salvi’s empire to Mana’s newest appointment, the kids are certainly alright. Elsewhere the trend for trees of liquid continued as did humankind’s penchant for naffing off before paying the bill. If you’re a hospitality business that has fallen victim to a customer running off without paying the bill, get in touch. We’re happy to stamp it out with a spot of culprit advertising across our socials.

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The tree of life

Ah, Dark Fruits. Carlsberg’s brightly coloured, cultural cousin. The people’s drink. Described by the Sainsbury’s website as having “cult status in the cider world” and “perfect to enjoy with friends”, how could the country’s second-favourite cider possibly be improved upon? Well, The Dragonfly in Bolton has certainly given it a good old college try with its 12-pint Dark Fruits tree. Does anyone else have goosebumps?

Putting your twenties to shame

Young people these days, eh. Too busy playing videogames and tiktoking. Well no actually, not true. Mana, the only Michelin-starred restaurant in Manchester has just appointed a 23-year-old as its first Head Chef. Connor Slater has been with Mana since it opened in October 2018 and has quickly risen through the ranks in spectacular style. We wish him all the best in his new role and we’re excited to see his and Mana’s progression. Inspirational stuff.

The badge of honour

Even more culinary wunderkinds on the loose this week as Sienna, a 12-year-old chef and daughter of the owner of Salvi’s restaurants gets set for her Blue Peter debut. Cooking with her nonna since she was four, Sienna - whose family hail from Naples - already has her own Youtube channel with tutorials on everything from homemade pasta to potato croquettes. Catch her episode on Thursday 24 June and re-live that CBBC nostalgia.

Let’s toast to paying the bill

Hospitality is fraught enough as it is with COVID-19 regulation and no-shows, the last thing restaurants need is people running off without paying the bill. Toast in Withington was this week’s case in point. A swerved bill was followed by an ill-advised social media post about making up the money with tips, followed by outrage, followed by unfortunate media coverage, followed by bad blood and the above post which is a tonge-in-cheek response to accusations of slave-driving. A butterfly effect of bad vibes all because a group of lads did a swifty on a thirty-quid sandwich order. Pay for your food, report those who don’t and always tip, it’s the least we can do as customers.

Come on baby light my ‘phire

It’s samphire season, friends. Chorlton fishmongers Out Of The Blue has had a big delivery of the wild, foraged and fresh kind, ideal for creamy fish pasta dishes and sprinkling over salads. Still need convincing? Watch until the end of the video for some unbeatable sales patter.

But does it taste like chicken?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s neither. It’s a bloody big mushroom named after a chicken in the woods and foraged by The Crafty Cheeseman. Deansgate’s 3 Hands Deli chopped all 2kg of it up and slotted chunks of it between pieces of walnut, linseed rye sourdough alongside raw cow’s curds, wild garlic, roast tomato and artichoke with some Zuni pickles for good measure. That is how you make a sandwich.

Ooh cha la!

Collab alert. Kampus bagel and floristry duo Breadflower and Pollard Yard wine containersseurs Le Social are breaking bread for one night only with a supper club of Jewish foodie favourites old and new. Pairing classic Jewish dishes like challah (pictured), borscht and kugel as well as modern dishes with a choice selection of natural wines, it’s a welcome introduction to an illustrious cuisine. Tickets include a three-course meal and welcome drink but you’ll have to be quick.

A safe haven from football

Overwhelmed by the football? Need a place to escape where there’s no risk of topless men and the air is dry and free of lager spray? Batch Deli is saying “sorry mate, you’re not coming in” to football this summer adding itself to the list of pleasant places to visit where football will not be screened. It may well come home, but it’s not coming via Batch.

The excitement is brewing

Stocking and curating some of the best beers in the UK has left a lasting impression on Bundobust. Last week it teased its new brewery operation with this tantalising pint of stout and we’re very excited indeed. Launching its first round of beers at its Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds restaurants this week (Thursday 24 June), we can only imagine the beers Bundo has up its sleeve.

Hail to the bus driver

Warm, fuzzy bus route nostalgia this week from Stockport’s Cherry Jam, revealing the inspiration and namesake behind its 192 cocktail. Turns out of all things it’s a tribute to the 192 bus route, affectionately referred to as the “vomit comet”, a popular route for drunken, post-nightclub pilgrims. A true kebab and lager chariot. Needless to say the comments on the post left us pining for simpler times.

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