Just £10 to putt your way round their ultra-violet wonderland

If you haven't experienced the fluorescent fantasy world that is Roxy Golf yet, now's the time to venture inside.

 This August they're knocking £5 off the price of a round of 18 holes of mini golf, so you can play for just £10 per person.

Roxy Golf is on the secret top floor of Roxy Ball Room on Deansgate. Once inside you'll fast forget the outside world exists at all.

The theme is pirates-meets-reggae-meets-Manchester with UV lighting, graffiti murals, and 18 mini golf holes which range on the 'crazy' scale from relatively sane to all-out bonkers. 

There's also a bar up there with cocktails such as the Caddy Shack Daiq and the Long Island Iced Tee Off. You can get food throughout in Roxy Ball Room – pizzas, burgers, loaded fries and the like.

 But first, get your golf game booked. It's usually £15 for a round of 18 holes, but right now it's £10. Get the deal by using the booking link below.

 Okay, visor on, club in one hand, cocktail in the other. Let's putt.


Book your £10 game at Roxy Golf

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