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Discounts from 7.5% plus free extras galore - including personal training session and health check

THE personal benefits of being fit and healthy are well known: in short, you look great and you feel great. But fewer consider the advantages when it comes to employees. Higher job satisfaction, lower turnover and fewer sick days - and that’s just for starters. 

Members can take advantage of all Y Club’s facilities plus over 90 classes per week

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Enter Y Club’s corporate membership scheme, which rewards employees and employers alike with incentives like no other. Not only can you bag discounts starting from 7.5%, the complimentary extras are enough of a bonus alone.

These include a three-month transformation programme with fortnightly reviews, full health check, two fitness tests at beginning at end of the twelve-week period, a free personal training session and half price sessions thereafter, nutritional advice, weekly email support and a one-week gym pass for a friend.

Not only that, members can take advantage of all Y Club’s facilities - large gym area, swimming pool with sauna and steam room, sports hall, class studio and indoor running track - plus over 90 classes per week, spanning martial arts to mind, body and cardio. 

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Understanding that different businesses have different needs, Y Club also tailors membership accordingly; whether full company invoice, part company contribution or direct employee membership. The only stipulation is that a minimum of five employees sign up from any given company.

And it’s not just individuals who can benefit. The (already generous) package additionally offers free sports and corporate wellness days, ideal for teambuilding and getting fit while you’re at it. Either take it up in the 880sqm multipurpose sports hall or they’ll come to you. Can’t say fairer than that…

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