Manchester hosting 30th edition of 'music's biggest global celebration'

It would seem our city is the belle of the ball right now, the oddball from the Breakfast Club that the popular kids now want a piece of. 

First Chanel, then Michelin, whatever next?

The MTV VMAs apparently. 

Yes the edge-of-town behemoth Co-op Live will host the MTV VMAs at the end of this year, with the great, the good and the glittery rocking up in Beswick on Sunday 10th November.

We are honoured to become part of the MTV EMAs story, and to cement Manchester’s standing within the global live entertainment industry

It will mark the 30th edition of the annual circus of chart music madness, and will see a return to the UK after seven years.

To be fair, we have been a party-pooper of a country for a while. 

But things seem to be changing and the global brands are clearly taking notice, with a world-wide audience set to be watching the awards be beamed out live.

So without further ado let's roll on with the obligatory quotes about Manchester's legendary music scene.

Take it away, Bev.

Councillor Bev Craig, Leader of Manchester City Council, said: "As a city that is known the world over for our legendary music scene, MTV could not have picked a better place for this year's EMAs. 

"With the expertise, experience and reputation we also have for delivering successful, world-class events, we're confident Manchester will provide a superb platform for the best MTV EMAs yet, and look forward to welcoming MTV and the global music community to our city for what is set to be an epic celebration of music and artists. Manchester meets MTV - we can't wait!"

And on backing vocals, Executive Director and General Manager, Co-op Live, Gary Roden.  

“Co-op Live has been designed from the ground up to offer, at its core, a truly exceptional live music and fan experience, and we are delighted to be hosting an event which epitomises what our venue stands for," Gary belted out. "We are honoured to become part of the MTV EMAs story, and to cement Manchester’s standing within the global live entertainment industry.”

Really. Whatever next? 

Clear the Mancunian Way and they'll be chucking a Grand Prix at our feet in no time.

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