Simple sophisticated design for just £10

Unless we want to barricade ourselves at home – and we don’t want to do that – we need to stock up on face masks.

 Travelling by public transport? Heading out to the shops? Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask. Not only is it simple common sense, it’s also the law. 

 However, those disposable multipacks probably contain enough non-recyclable nasties to create a new archipelago of plastic waste floating in the ocean.

 That’s just one of the reasons why we love the re-usable face masks from Christy. They’re made from a double layer of cotton or linen and they’re soft, breathable and great value at just £10.

 At that price you can buy one in every colour and stick them in the washing machine when you’re done.

 It’s a pretty sophisticated palette. Think classic white linen or navy and muted chambray and mineral tones. These face masks don’t shout, it’s more about quiet good taste.

 As they’re made by Christy, the face masks are made well. You don’t spend 170 years working with fabric without learning a thing or two.

 The pleat design, inner layer and elasticated straps make the face masks comfortable to wear and each mask comes with its own convenient storage pouch.  

 Plus, Christy are a local company based in Cheadle and they give 10% of the masks to local charities.

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Browse the Christy collection here.