From steam-cooked leg of lamb in banana leaves to a huge vegetarian feast - this is food we can get excited about

WE all want our Christmas meal out to feel festive but that doesn't mean we have to stick to a traditional turkey dinner. At the award-winning Scene Indian Street Kitchen in Spinningfields, they've created a range of Christmas menus that will give your gathering a sense of occasion and a celebratory vibe - but with all the colour, flavour and fragrance of an Indian feast.

 Your table will be piled high with beautiful, contrasting dishes to share amongst you (or if you prefer, enjoy individually). The excitement of seeing dish after dish arrive, all cooked fresh from scratch, will get everyone in a holiday mood. (That and the festive fizz and cocktails - Scene is renowned for them.)

 Scene's owner Asif Ali sees his customers as like guests in his own home so you always receive great service and food that the chefs take real pride and care in cooking. That's the same at Christmas as it is during the rest of the year - you won't find seasonal fatigue setting in here. 

 In fact, Scene sees Christmas as a time to really shine and show how special Indian food can be: take a look at the feasts below and you'll see what we mean. 

Scene Lamb

Kashmiri Leg of Lamb in Banana Leaves 

£69.95 (feeds two to three people)

Pre order - 48 hours' notice required

 You won't have eaten a leg of lamb quite like this one before. Marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger, and a secret blend of spices, it's then wrapped in banana leaves before being steam cooked to give it a delicate taste and a beautifully succulent texture. 

 It's served with Scene's Kashmiri vegetable biryani rice which comes from a family recipe handed down through the generations, and features a beguiling blend of plums, saffron, and Kashmiri spices. 

 This feast is large enough to feed two or three people, making it the perfect celebratory meal for a gathering with friends or a special dinner with your partner.   

Tandoori Murghi

£19.95 (feeds two people)

Pre order - 48 hours' notice required

 This feast is centered around a whole chicken which has been marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger, and spices, before being stuffed with potatoes and onions, then slow-cooked in the oven. Imagine how good that will smell when it's brought to your table. It's served with saffron lemon rice and vegetable sauce - and is one of the healthiest Christmas dinner options we've heard about (and one of the most tempting).

Chicken Scene

Grand Thali and Vegetarian Thali Lunch

£21 and £18 per person

 A ‘thali’, as you probably already know, is a balanced, nutritious, lunch made up of several different dishes and accompaniments. And in this case, ‘several’ means ‘a lot’. We’re not going to try and list all the many delights you’ll be served as part of this Indian festive feast - it spans from chaat to chicken tikka to lamb khaki to freshly-cooked naan - with much more as well. It's superb value and is ideal for a work Christmas lunch.


 Feast 1 and Feast 2

£26.95 and £32.95

 If you’re dining with a big group - say for an office Christmas party - choose one of these menus to make ordering simple, and to keep everyone happy with the multitude of exciting dishes on your table.

 You’ll be served everything listed on the menus to share as a group - and there’ll be plenty to go around. The communal style of eating gives your meal a warm, celebratory vibe, like you’re all gathered around the dinner table at home. 

 There are so many good things on these menus (with plenty for vegetarians too). Highlights include Afghani tikka, gunpowder potatoes, aloo tikka chaat, lamb handi, daal tarka, and much more.

Scene Thali

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