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Alana Sherrard tries a new treatment designed to liquify your love handles

FIRSTLY let me get one thing straight: I didn't sign up for this fat-melting treatment because I can't be bothered to exercise. I work-out several times a week and (mainly) stick to home-cooked, clean eating. I run, lift weights, cross-train, and by-pass the steady stream of food treats delivered to the Confidential office. 

Despite all this, there's a stubborn bit of fat on my belly that just won't budge.

I understand that women are supposed to have fat there. It's natural, and some would say, feminine. But I feel that with all the effort I put in, a flat stomach shouldn't be out of my reach. And if this treatment could help me attain it, I'd give it a go.

Called Exilis, it's been described as a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It uses radio frequency waves to liquify fat, trigger collagen growth and tighten the skin. After the fat has been melted, it goes through your lymphatic system, exiting your body.

The treatment can be used on various parts of the body (waistline, arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, neck, even the face). It takes 30 minutes and should be done once a week for six weeks. The treatment is quick and non-invasive, so you can do it in your lunch hour. It costs £150 per session.

They offer Exilis at SCI-U Aesthetic Clinic, which has branches on Cross Street in Manchester city centre and in Wilmslow. With a name like SCI-U, you might expect this place to be very clinical and cold and a little intimidating. The reality is far from it. Though SCI-U is modern and slick, it feels homely and relaxing – more like a Swiss spa than a Harley Street clinic. 

20170519 Sci U 1
Before the Exilis treatment

I was welcomed in by Mozhgan Taheri, the owner of SCI-U. She's well known in Wilmslow for her work, and has celebrities from Corrie and Emmerdale on her regular client list. We went upstairs to the treatment room where Mozhgan asked medical history questions before explaining how Exilis would work.

She explained she would massage my stomach for 30 minutes with an Energy Flow Control machine (which looked a bit like a shower head). The heat would eventually reach 43 degrees – it needs to get this high for the treatment to work.

She applied baby oil to my stomach and we began. I imagine it’s similar to what an ultrasound feels like, but warm rather than cold. (Oh, and with no baby present.)

20170519 Sci U 4 20170519 Sci U 6 20170519 Sci U 21 20170519 Sci U 7

I was relieved to discover that it didn't hurt. The heat was relaxing and the minutes flew by. Every 30 seconds Mozhgan would stop for a moment and begin again, the temperature getting progressively hotter. Before I knew it, the session was up. My stomach was a bit red and warm but this is completely normal.

I could see a slight difference immediately. Mozhgan explained that I should exercise in the next twelve hours to help expel the fatty waste. No skipping the gym tonight after all.

SCI-U advises you to have six sessions over six weeks to see dramatic improvements. After noticing a difference after just one session, I'm looking forward to seeing the results at the end of the course. It could finally be time to say good-bye to my stubborn stomach.

Find out more about Exilis at SCI-U Aesthetic Clinic.

20170519 Sci U 38
Immediately after Exilis treatment
Img 4221
The day after Exilis treatment