The renowned Indian street food joint is opening a unique brewery tap and restaurant

Beer and Indian street food. They may not have always gone hand in hand, but since gamechangers Bundobust came on the scene, they certainly do now. They go very nicely in our hands, anyway. It’s hard to believe a cold craft beer and a handful of okra fries haven’t always been a thing.

Now Bundobust are showing everyone how it’s done in Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool when it comes to matching up pints and Jay Rayner-approved Gujarati snacks, they’ve decided to take it a step further.

20210909 Bundobust Dhania 19 1

Coming to Oxford Road is Bundobust Brewery. It’s like a Bundobust but with a brewery in it. You’ll get all the same flippin’ fantastic street food morsels like chole saag, bhel puri and raghda pethis and the beer is as fresh as you like because it was made metres away from where you’re sitting.

Due to lockdown, the team have had plenty of time to play with their shiny new brewery toys before the doors open so the beer should be just about perfect. Bundobust have been nominated for Best Drinks Producer in this year’s MFDF Awards so if you don’t already know how good their beers are, you’re about to find out. As long as you go to Bundobust, that is, because you won’t find Bundobust beers anywhere else.

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The food is what everyone in the know raves about. It’s all vegan and vegetarian but you wouldn’t really notice. It’s just perfect beer food. That’s not us sprouting broccoli, the beer is actually designed to complement the dishes which are surprisingly affordable considering how on point they are. The downfall of this affordability is that you will end up eating it all. If not in one visit, then in a few.

The food isn’t drip fed. You’re not hanging around waiting for the next sweetcorn chevdo. Everything arrives on one glorious platter. With the jewel-like colours, the smells and the array of cute little Bundobust pots, it’s quite a moment. We dare you not to take a photo and pop it on Instagram.

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And of course, this being the brilliant Bundobust, the food at the Piccadilly operation has been nominated in the 2021 MFDF Awards for Best Vegetarian/Vegan Offering of the Year.

If you know of another brewery, restaurant and brewery tap, all in one place, where the food and drink are both up for awards, then let us know. Please.

Until then, we’ll be popping down to Bundobust Brewery as soon as it opens. Pop down too –it’s predominantly walk-ins. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a pint or a Bundo Combo, drinkers and diners are equally welcome.

Find the Bundobust menu here