Be among the first to experience Tast Cuina Catalana

Soft launches: 14 July and 17 July

One of Spain's most renowned chefs is about to open a new restaurant on King Street. Want to be one of the first to try his food?

Paco Pérez has seven operating restaurants and five Michelin stars to his name (two for Miramar in Girona, two for Enoteca in Barcelona, one for Restaurant Cinq in Berlin).

He says he won't be chasing accolades and awards at Tast – his new Manchester restaurant – but forgive us if we get a little excited anyway. His menu is centred around tastets, a more complex version of tapas which explore the flavours of Catalonia. Think experimental, different, bold, and exciting. (You don't get a reputation like his by playing it safe.) 

At the soft launches, you can enjoy a meal on the house – it's their chance to perfect the service and menu before they open officially on 20 July. Drinks are not included.

We have a limited number of places available for three sittings at the soft launches: lunch on 14 July, dinner on 14 July, dinner on 17 July.

If you want to be there, enter your details below (make sure you're logged in) and we'll send you the booking link when it goes live. Once you receive the link, book as fast as possible: it's first-come, first-served. Places are limited and not guaranteed by entering below. 

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End Date - 11th July 2018