5% deposits and your dog can come too: why MeadowSide is filling up fast

AS anyone who has bought a house will tell you, it doesn't happen overnight. You're looking at months (or years) of searching, surveys, offers, and waiting for 'the chain' to get the go-ahead, with the danger of it all falling through at the eleventh hour. This year's goal becomes next year's goal and house prices keep on rising... it can feel like you'll still be renting in your retirement.

One way to buy that's faster and frankly, easier, than you might imagine is to purchase a home off-plan - which means one which hasn't been built. While this might sound like a longer, more involved process, the reality is, you can buy your home much faster than with a house or apartment that's already there.

At Mount Yard, one of the luxury apartment buildings in the new MeadowSide development, you can buy off-plan now and move in early next year.

And because you're buying off-plan, you get all the benefits that brings, including access to the government's Help to Buy scheme.

We spoke to Alexandra Hope, on-site sales consultant at MeadowSide, to find out what this is, and why it's not the only reason buyers are choosing Mount Yard as their home.

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You need as little as 5% deposit

“When it comes to new build properties like Mount Yard, you have some benefits that you wouldn't have with a resale or a second-hand property. The first is that you can get the Equity Help to Buy loan scheme – and that's a huge help for first-time buyers.

“It means you only need a really small deposit for it: as little as 5%. Then you get an equity loan from the government which is up to 20% of the property value, and that's completely interest-free for five years. So it keeps monthly repayments down really low. It's a really good scheme for people who are just getting on the property ladder.”

You're moving into a brand new luxury apartment

“Nobody's used your shower or walked on your carpet – everything inside your apartment is brand new. You've got Bosch appliances, really nice tiles, a really nice kitchen, and there's a few different styles and colour schemes to choose from as well.

“Because they're brand new fixtures and fittings, they all come with their own warranty, usually for two years. And on top of the fixtures and fittings warranty, you've got a ten-year NHBC structural warranty.”

You can choose which apartment you want

“If you buy off-plan early on, you get the pick of the apartments. You can choose the style that really appeals to you.

“We've got lots of different styles and sizes, from one to three-beds. We've some that overlook the park, and some with balconies. They're all really high-spec, luxury finish apartments.”

You've got time to prepare for the move

“Mount Yard at MeadowSide will be completed early in 2021, so you've enough time to plan for the move, getting rid of things you don't want to take, and gathering together the things you do.

“You can take your time choosing the perfect furniture, and artworks and so on, rather than doing everything in a rush once you've moved in. 

“Or, now you know your future home is sorted, you can spend this time focusing on other goals that took a back-seat while you were house-hunting.” 

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Living at MeadowSide

A park on your doorstep, pet-friendly apartments, and less than ten minutes' walk to the Northern Quarter. Alexandra explains why this development is different.

Trees, grass, and flowers... in the city centre!

The biggest difference at MeadowSide is obviously the park. The apartments are built right on Angel Meadows, the city centre's largest green space. A lot of the apartments have park-facing views and balconies that overlook the park.”

Bring your pet parrot

“At a lot of apartments in town, you can't have dogs or cats. But Mount Yard is a completely pet-friendly building. And you've got that park right on the doorstep for taking them for a walk.”

Work (and workout) without leaving MeadowSide

“There will be a residents-only gym and a resident's lounge with co-working spaces. These will be in one of the other buildings at MeadowSide but they will be available to Mount Yard residents once they're complete. You've also got a 24-hour concierge as well.”

The city centre is right there

“It's five minutes walk to Victoria Station and you can be in the Northern Quarter in less than ten minutes. Likewise, the Arndale and Market Street are less than ten minutes away, and you can get to Spinningfields in about 15 minutes. You can walk to all areas of the city centre quite easily from here.”

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