Brand new bar and restaurant promises ‘the next level in exclusive luxury experiences’

The fightback against Co-op Live begins as the AO Arena has announced it is accepting bookings for its new members-only bar, The Mezz.

As part of its whacking £50m redevelopment, the venue has announced that its ‘new and exclusive, members-only level’ is now taking bookings ahead of its expected opening in early 2024. 

We’re incredibly proud to be elevating AO Arena as we drive ahead to a bright future

Boasting ‘two connected experiences’ - a bar and a restaurant - The Mezz will apparently provide “impeccable service timed to perfection”, allaying any fears of having to scoff an entire Coq au Vin in three minutes while the opening song of your favourite artist plays in the next room.

After shows the bar will stay open with a DJ, and is just the latest in many new additions forming part of the arena’s £50m redevelopment.

2023 05 15 Ao Arena Members Club Body Pic
An artist's impression of The Mezz Image: ASM Global

There’s also the AO Electric Lounge complete with dedicated VIP entrance, the Heineken Sky Lounge with ‘iconic views over Manchester’s skyline’ and The Beautiful North, an ‘exclusive premium super suite’ hosting up to 34 guests and described as ‘the ideal space for networking.’ Well lah-di-dah.

Jen Mitchell, General Manager at AO Arena said: “With our redevelopment works well underway, we are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of The Mezz. A stunning new suite, premium bar and restaurant for guests, right here in Manchester city centre.

“And of course, there will be access to watch the shows from some of the best seats in the house. We’re incredibly proud to be elevating AO Arena as we drive ahead to a bright future, so it’s fantastic to be able to reveal this latest addition in the works, as part of our state-of-the-art premium portfolio.”

To book, or for more information on The Mezz membership, please contact or call 0161 950 1069. There is also a dedicated portal, accessible via a QR code or

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