And the two brand new luxury apartment buildings that could be your next home

IF you've ever lived in an apartment where the landlord saw you as an inconvenience – an unwanted by-product of their buy-to-let income – you'll understand how frustrating renting can be, even in the luxury end of the market. It's your home after all – it's where you should be able to relax, feel secure, and be yourself. In other words, live your life as you want to live it.

In our experience, most property management companies simply don't 'get' this; that they're offering a home and not just a certain amount of square metres and a list of facilities. But here's a management company that does – and their approach feels truly refreshing because of it. Besides, in a changing property market renters are just as important as buyers. Renting is a way of life, not a stopgap and it’s time people realised this. You have every right to be choosy when you’re renting your home. Renting is on the up. Landlords and property management companies should adapt to this social shift and be bending over backwards to offer what you want. All too often, they don’t.

Alliance City Living is a Manchester-based company that offers resident-centred property management. By that, they mean they match you to a home that reflects how you want to live, not just what you can afford.

Your friends and your job on your doorstep

They understand that location is a big deal – you don't want to live miles from your job, your friends, and all the bars, restaurants, venues and cultural places that make Manchester great. When you live in an Alliance City Living building, these things are on your doorstep.

They also understand that how you're treated in your home makes a huge difference to how happy you are.

To them, you're more than just a resident in a building. You're their neighbour, house-mate and friend. That means they're there for you when you need them (it doesn't mean they'll 'borrow' your Babybels from the fridge when you're out).

If something needs seeing to, they're on it. Or if you're new to the city, they'll tell you about the best spots so that you feel like a local in no time. The Explore Manchester guide on their website gives new residents the low-down on everything from the best running routes in the city, to the best places to enjoy a drink with a view. 

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Respect and friendliness

It's an attitude of friendliness and respect that sets the tone for the buildings as a whole. These are mini communities with their own ready-made social scene where you'll meet people at a similar stage in their lives, with the same interests and concerns.

One reason they've taken this approach is because this a company founded here in Manchester.

Their parent company Property Alliance Group is also local – it's massive in the Manchester  property market and has a 30 year history behind it.

Alliance is part of the city so they care about making it work. For them, that means creating homes that are more than just a place to sleep and store your things, and it means giving back by contributing to projects that enhance life in Manchester, including the City of Trees initiative and Manchester International Festival.

Time for a change?

If you're fed up with property management companies that don't prioritise the actual people living in their buildings, Alliance City Livingis a good choice for your next home.

They have two brand new luxury apartment buildings in the city centre; Axis which is ready to move into now, and Manhattan which will be ready in March.

Read about them below then get in touch with Alliance City Living here to find out more.

2020 02 25 Axis Kitchen


Residents are already moving into this 'architectural marvel' at the end of Deansgate. With incredible views, a great location, and stunning design, it's easy to see why it's popular. It's also one of the few apartment buildings that isn't overlooked by other structures, so you can enjoy evenings watching the sunset from your sofa.

Apartments from £1,100pcm

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Manhattan is unique in that it is only 42 apartments – and it is right in the heart of the city centre (just off New York Street). These are New York-style boutique apartments, central yet exclusive, and with a degree of privacy you wouldn't think existed in the M1 postcode. Like Axis, these luxury apartments offer high-end fittings and stunning interior design – and the added bonus that you will be the first person to live there – they're absolutely pristine.

Apartments from £1,100pcm

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