Manchester's favourite four storey haven is searching for pals to share their mems and 'say cheese'

We’ve all ventured into Affleck’s Palace at some point whether it was for a pair of second-hand corduroy dungarees, a belly button piercing, or an A3 poster of the Stone Roses lemon artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock. We’ve all got lost in there and come out with some treasure in a blue plastic bag. 

Not one for cocktails at Bougee and a birthday girl sash, Affleck’s is celebrating in the coolest way possible with an open commission portrait exhibition shot by photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster

2022 sees this iconic Manc-based emporium celebrate 40 whole years of “independent retail, enterprise and creativity”, and in true 40th b-day style, it's got big plans. Not one for cocktails at Bougee and a birthday girl sash, Affleck’s is celebrating in the coolest way possible with an open commission portrait exhibition shot by star photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster.  

To commemorate the venue's “incredible heritage and legacy” on the corner of Tib Street, the Affleck’s 40 exhibition is on the prowl for people who have been part of the sites 40-year-long journey. Whether you’ve worked there, shopped there, met your spouse there, or even experienced a sugar comedown after a trip to Black Milk before, the curator is calling your name.

Manchester Themed Afflecks Interior 40 Year Anniversary
Bee prepared for a year full of birthday plans from Affleck's Palace Image: Jody Hartley

The Affleck’s 40 project aims to take some artsy snaps of 40 different people who have been significant to the site's success. Uncovering the untold stories and amazing individuals that have made the place what it is today, the people and the personalities that reside within those red-brick walls are finally getting a proper shoutout. 

Afflecks Palace Exterior 40 Year Anniversary Tib Street
A corner plot well worth coming into town for Image: Siobhan Hanley

Other than having a pretty incredible name, photographer Paul Wolfgang Webster has permanent portraits in London’s National Portrait Gallery and has shot some of Manchester’s most iconic faces from Brian Cox to Shaun Ryder. All the pics on show will also be turned into a book for friends and fam to keep as a coffee-table staple. 

First Floor Entrance At Afflecks Palace Tib Street 40 Year Anniversary
We've all explored these floors of wonder at least once, surely? Image: Siobhan Hanley

Andrea George, director for Town Centre and Consumer Brands at Affleck’s highlights that “Affleck’s has always been about its people, and that’s why the Affleck’s community is at the heart of this project. It means so much to so many - it’s a safe place, a creative hub, a symbol of independent enterprise and it’s been at the centre of an entire pop culture movement. 

"We want to capture the ultimate 'Afflecks Family Album'... the people from that incredible journey, from fans who have been shopping there since the 80s, to those who have run businesses, and anyone who has a special connection or story to share.  I personally have such special memories of being immersed in Afflecks when I was a teenager, buying my first pair of Red or Dead shoes!” 

Afflecks Sign And Exterior 2022 40 Year Anniversary
A pic of your mug could don these walls in 2022 Image: Jody Hartley

Afflecks’ 40th celebrations don’t end with the portrait exhibition as there will also be a big summer event (with exact details to be confirmed). For now, though, the search is on for stories of enterprise, teenage angst, and times gone by.

Anyone interested in taking part in the Afflecks 40 exhibition should send an email to All the little details about opens, dates and submission deadlines will also be confirmed soon. 

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