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Life's too short for this particular beauty battle

SOME people claim shaving their legs every few days is relaxing. We're not one of those people.

Likewise, some people say they enjoy the time-out of a regular bikini line wax. Again, that's not us.

We shave it, wax it, epilate it, bleach it. It grows back. Super-charged. And the process starts again.

Life's too short to spend our evenings fighting an endless battle with unwanted hair. Especially now there's a pretty simple solution to the problem: laser hair removal.

20170904 Spa Satori Leg Girl

Spa Satori has launched a new laser hair removal service this month, after researching the best, most up-to-date systems available. They've opted for the Soprano ICE Platinum, which uses three wavelengths to target the hair follicle, making it one of the most complete and effective hair removal systems around.

It's virtually painless (we'll really miss that ouch-eek-argh moment from waxing). And it's available for all skin types and tanned skin.  

It can be used to treat most areas of the body and face: the lip, chin, bikini line, arms, hands, underarm, legs, toes, chest, shoulders, back and so on. And all those other parts down below that we're not going to list here.

It's one of the most complete and effective hair removal systems around

The price comes in at around £50 a session. It usually takes about five or six sessions to effectively zap the hair for good, so you're looking at between £300 to £500, depending on which area you're treating. Compared to the cost and faff of a lifetime of waxing, it's a good investment.

Sessions last from 15-30 minutes, and no downtime is needed, making it the perfect lunch hour treatment if you work in the city centre.

Spa Satori is on High Street in the Northern Quarter. All their people are fully qualified, and they've got a 4.5 out of five rating on Treatwell and 4.6 out of five on Facebook. You're in good hands.

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Spa Satori recommends you book a free consultation and patch test before having laser hair removal. To book, call them on 0161 819 2465 or email:


Saving over 70% (Normal Price £2,360)

6 sessions to be used on

Full leg, under arm and bikini line


Payment in full after patch test

Patch Test & First treatment in September

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