Chic surroundings, a natural eco system and a place to have a glass of wine. Is this the future of office work?

“We are offering to look after our members needs from morning coffee to leaving the office,” says marketing director Helen Aldridge as she shows me around the XYZ building in the heart of Spinningfields as it prepares to launch its new members work space.

“We offer exceptional hospitality, she continues, “and we expect our members work day to be seamless. From grabbing a morning latte at the ‘grab and go’ deli in the social area, to closing a deal over a glass of wine in the members bar, the idea is a work day that flows under one roof.”

Architects rub shoulders with graphic designers and logistical management professionals

Flow, wellness and a natural eco-system are the buzzwords of the day as I am given a guided tour of the very high spec, uber-cool surroundings. Soft velour chairs in bold colours, break out areas with plump tactile cushions, an abundance of plants and plenty of contemporary lighting gives XYZ an incredibly polished modern look.

2019 10 14 Xyz Stairwell
High spec, uber-cool surroundings

Sleek, hi-tech fully stocked kitchens facilitate members needs, along with a coffee shop, outside terrace with views over the city and a chic bar which is the first in Manchester to offer Fingopay technology, which uses VeinID scanning, allows customers to link their vein signatures with their payment cards to pay using just their finger at a network of merchants. At tills, the unique pattern of the customer’s vein is scanned, verifying biometric signatures and payments in seconds through its cloud-based matching system.   

Simon Binns, CMO, Fingopay comments, “All Work & Social have seen the far-reaching potential of biometric-based identity for access and payment, and we are delighted to have confirmed a launch partner who has been so instrumental in the regeneration of Manchester.”

“Fingopay will be open for everyone to use at the new XYZ Social this autumn  Those who sign up will be able to pay and ID themselves with a simple scan of their finger.” 

2019 10 14 Xyz Desk
Hot desks, permanent desks and private suites are available per month

Helen likens the cutting edge vibe of work-meets-play to London’s Soho - a concept she says she finds incredibly exciting. But while it could be argued beautiful surroundings help anyone’s day to feel that little bit sparkier Helen says it is the natural eco system XYZ creates that really helps to boost productivity.

Anthony Powell, Managing Director, explains its location in the heart of Spinningfields naturally attracts clients who find they have something in common. Architects rub shoulders with graphic designers and logistical management professionals, creating what Anthony describes as a cohort that allows for plenty of natural growth.

“The idea is to fit the right tenant in the right environment,” he says, “because of our location we find we attract corporate, professional businesses.” And as these businesses grow, XYZ, on Hardman Boulevard, says it is in a position to accommodate the progression. 

Members can begin with grabbing a hot desk for £150 a month and then, if they wish, move to a more permanent residents desk for £250 per month. Once the business really takes off there are large private suites available for £450 per month.

2018 09 12 Manchesters Best Offices  Xyz Building Manchester 3
Somewhere to park your bike safely

On the ground level, XYZ Social has been purpose-built to nurture the community side of a shared workspace. As I perch on a leather seat in a cosy booth and sip a decent latte, Helen tells me that at lunch times the room echoes with the noise of conversations and laughter.

“It is buzzing down here,” she says. “And we use this space to put on events and create a community. Members can opt in or out of course, but we want them to feel fully engaged.”

Xyz Building Spinningfields
XYZ building in Spinningfields

Helen then goes on to tell me about plans to launch a simple new app, which she believes will help to encourage industry and commerce.

“Members can PR their business, put up a news letter and book meeting rooms. It will be very powerful and we are really excited about it.”

The days of being chained to a desk or a cubicle for the working day, fitting in a meal deal or even a Mugshot at your desk seem to be numbered. Shared flexible workspaces designed to accommodate growing businesses are the way forward. So many are being built in city centres, they’re all looking for engaging ways to attract new business residents. It sounds like work life is becoming as easy as XYZ….

XYZ, 2 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester M3 3AQ

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