This city centre restaurant is a must-go for fans of Middle Eastern cooking

Huge plates of mezze, super-fresh salads, smoky grilled kebabs, and warming lamb stews: Lebanese restaurant Jasmine Grill serves all the favourites of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Located on Richmond Street in the city centre, it's a must-go if you love the flavoursome, nourishing food of The Levant, and want to experience it in all its authenticity.

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Dishes such as makloubeh and Lebanese rice are just what you need in the winter months: healthy, comforting and full of uplifting aromas and flavours. All their food is halal, and they have a dedicated vegan menu, so everyone can enjoy eating there.

You'll find Jasmine Grill just around the corner from the National Express coach station in the Gay Village. It's got a lovely, warm atmosphere that matches the care they put into their food. Go and check it out this week.

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