Silky smooth tresses for up to three months

The damp, cold winter weather and effects of central heating often leave tresses feeling dry and frizzy.

Enter Smooth Me Now, a revolutionary anti-frizz treatment that does just that.

Not only does it work in just fifteen minutes, the results last two to three months - promising silky smooth locks all winter long.  

Hob Salon Frizzy Hair Hob Salon Straight Back

Whether you have curly hair and want to go poker straight, or simply enjoy curls that are much softer and less frizzy, this nourishing keratin treatment has it covered. Smooth Me Now works on straighter hair too; making it shinier, healthier and easier to style.

We have one of these miracle treatments (worth £90) up for grabs. Now time to dig out that outfit…  

The competition has ended.

End Date - 16th January 2019