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To celebrate founder Nick Mitchell’s new fitness guide, the personal training gym has a strapping new competition

As the owner of the only international personal training business in the world, Nick Mitchell knows his fitness. An expert in achieving maximum results in minimum time, Nick and his global UP team are world leaders in total body transformations: the photos and testimonials speak for themselves.

But not everyone can get to the gym so easily, which is why Ultimate Performance are offering the chance to win a year’s worth of online training - so you get fit, fast, in the comfort of your own gym.  

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Principles of Muscle Building Program Design​

The reason? Nick’s new book, Principles of Muscle Building Program Design; which distils UP’s wealth of experience into one handy volume. With all the info you need to create your own muscle-building workouts, the book is mainly designed for those with 24 months or less of training experience - from complete beginners to experienced trainers - but makes for a handy reference tool, whatever your stage.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand any weight training program and how to adapt it to fit your specific needs
  • Factor in all the variables needed to ensure that you can make progress in the gym for years at a time, not just weeks
  • Create your own bespoke hypertrophy training programs using logic and not just guesswork
  • Appreciate the difference between fact and myth when it comes to training to build muscle

Those who buy Principles of Muscle Building Program Design on Amazon and fill in this form will be entered into the competition for a year’s free online training. So it’s a double win.

If you needed any more motivation to tone up in 2018, this is it.

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