Enter the competition to celebrate the Taco Cantina collab at Sandinista

How do I love thee taco? Let me count the ways.

 Obviously Shakespeare liked his Mexican food too. Sound guy.

 Well there’s the slow-cooked ancho beef, spicy but soothing. Love that.

 There’s the zing of fish with lime-infused red cabbage. Tasty.

 There’s the fruity caramelised pineapple cutting through the pork belly. 

 There’s the classic carnitas – slow-cooked melt-in-the-mouth pork with fresh and fiery pico de gallo. That’s another way to love a taco.

 There’s the crunch of crispy Yucatan jackfruit. Basically, there are so many ways to love a taco, you could eat them all year round. And you can.

 Sandinista is giving away a year’s supply of food from their new kitchen partner, Taco Cantina. You and three friends could be dining out Cantina-style once a month for a whole year, oh and did we mention they will be throwing in drinks too?

 And even though there are self-evidently may ways to love a taco (see above) you can mix it up with other menu items too – burritos, quesadillas and super-duper sweet-tooth churros. When it comes to Mexican food, Taco Cantina have got all the bases covered.

 For one lucky winner (and their plus three) that’s dinner and drinks at Sandinista in November. And December. And January. And…get the idea?

 It’s a great prize so enter the competition and keep everything crossed. Maybe pop to Sandinista to have a beer to calm the nerves while you await the results. 

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The competition has ended.

End Date - 30th November 2021