Try out Manchester’s new cult Taiwanese eaterie

Quirky, cute and eminently instagrammable, Dazzling Café has landed in Manchester. The Taiwanese café is renowned for its Honey Toast desserts and queues of eager diners who throng outside its Far Eastern branches. Now you can head to Mosley Street and experience it all for yourself.

In fact, you could experience it all for free if you win this competition.

The honeycomb shelving is a nod to its Manchester location whilst the nodding cats add an oriental touch – a perfect blend of east meets west.

Starters are varied with options including crabmeat chowder and chicken karaage with cheese whilst mains are just as all-encompassing. Choose from pizzas, rice dishes and pasta dishes – with a taste of Taipei.

20180329 Dazzling Dessert02

However, dessert is where it’s at if you’re planning on brandishing your iPhone and posting a few snaps. The Honey Toast is definitely a one-off.

A jenga tower of toast opens up to reveal a mountain of tiny, sweet, honey toast cubes topped with whatever sweet stuff your heart desires – hazelnut and chocolate is a good option. Top it with a scoop of ice-cream for extra decadence. Go on, you know you want to.

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End Date - 30th June 2018