Dance lessons for you and a friend - zero experience necessary

THE only thing you really need for dance lessons at GFFDamian Dance Studio is the nerve to give it a go. Everything else - the strength, grace, confidence and sass - that all comes as you learn. 

But even by the end of your first lesson, you’ll feel like a slightly different person to when you walked in. Nobody can spend an hour swirling around a pole or twirling on silks without experiencing a massive boost in mood. 

GFF is Manchester’s number one place to learn some of the most spectacular, and dare we say, sexy, forms of dance, including pole, aerial and “hot in heels”. 

And if you’re watching their video above thinking, I could NEVER do that, remember that all those dancers once thought the same. (Also, watch past the first 30 seconds - you’ll start to get a really good feel for how inclusive and friendly it is there.)

A dancer practising aerial dance at GFFDamian Dance Studio in Manchester
Fancy learning aerial dance with a friend? Here's your chance. Image: GFFDamian Dance Studio

In this competition, you and a friend can win a five-week foundation course of your choice at GFF. Choose from Pole Fitness, Pole Dance, Mixed Aerial, Hot in Heels, Handstand and Shuffle Dance. 

All the courses start in March 2023 and take place at the GFF studio on Corporation Street, Manchester, five minutes’ walk from Victoria Station.

This competition has closed.

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