Weird and wonderful drinks concoctions coming your way

WE'D love to see what goes on behind the scenes when The Font are dreaming up their new cocktail list. We're imagining the bartender equivalents of the Swedish Chef in The Muppets, pouring in a bit of this, a squirt of that, a sprinkling of this, and voilà, you've got a glass full of crazy, and it's unexpectedly delicious.

Because while they're a dab hand at classic cocktails, The Font is better known for dreaming up drinks concoctions that really shouldn't work but always, somehow, do.

Our past favourites have included 'I Got 99 Problems and A Beach Ain’t One', featuring sand made from Custard Cream biscuits plus lashings of vodka and a stick of rock stirrer. And the 'Revenge of the Nerds', featuring Candy Floss Vodka, Blue Curacao, bubblegum, Blue Raspberry Kool Aid, Nerds, and candyfloss.

The Font Nws New Cocktail 2 The Font Nws New Cocktail Header

They won't tell us what's on their new menu – it's top secret until launch day. But they have offered a £50 bar tab for one reader to spend on their new cocktails once they've been unveiled.

There's also a launch party featuring DJ Duncan Dizzlebot Dancemaster 2000 (aka Duncan from Dutch Uncles) on 2 August with a giveaway of 100 free drinks. They're promising glittery face painting and a late night happy hour too.

To enter the competition to win a £50 bar tab to spend on The Font's new cocktail menu, make sure you're logged in then click the Enter the Competition button.

The competition has ended.

End Date - 22nd August 2018