Should we go for a frock or not this Valentine's Day?

NOW we’re in February, all the unsubtle prompting from advertisements and card shops have ensured Valentine's Day is firmly on couples and daters' brains. You may even be expecting (and/or demanding/hoping/praying for) a date night.

Yet if, like us, you became accustomed to living in a tracksuit, facemask and the messiest of messy buns in January, then it may be time to spruce things up a little (or not – show them what they're signing up for). So what to wear? Should we go for a frock or not?

All depends on the venue of your big night.

In an eventful city such as Manchester (and bloody romantic, just look at it), there are many potential dates worthy of your sartorial efforts. Whether you intend to pull out all the stops in a fancy restaurant, or bond over boozy bingo and bowling, we’ve put together a few outfit ideas to see you through Valentine’s weekend.

Disclaimer: We've stuck to the traditional dates, though. If, say, you're heading off to an obscure cosplay theme night before getting stuck into Japanese karaoke in Chinatown, then you're on your own.

The fishnets are not a requirement but we enjoy their suggestive quality



It’s time to break out the heels for this date. A romantic dinner calls for a romantic outfit.  Manchester has its fair share of opulent restaurants worthy of squeezing into spanx and slinking your way into a frock. If you care to remember the seduction advice from Clueless’ Cher Horowitz, a backless dress has a sultry evocative quality. Try a fitted Bardot dress (off-the-shoulder) or go for a metallic pleated skirt with a slinky blouse for feminine appeal. 


Meeting your date for coffee shouldn’t require too much thought to your outfit – but let’s be honest, most of us allow a little extra dressing time before we go on a date. If your bedroom floor doesn’t look like a bomb site then do you actually care? So how to look great without too much effort? Key tips include pairing casual items with a few dressier pieces. Denim is always a failsafe. Pretty them up with a satin blouse. Throw on a Mac for a touch of sophistication, and don't forget the fun accessories. 


Your date wants to have a laugh rather than spending an hour asking awkward questions over an overpriced intimate dinner. Gotcha. Your outfit should reflect your carefree and easy evening. Go for funky flats (and if he’s a trainer-head, maybe impress with the latest kicks). Bomber jackets became the must-have trend item of late, throw on a satin edition to make it more fun. Don’t shy away from fun slogan sweatshirts and t-shirts either – what better way to introduce yourself than with an outfit that makes an overt statement? We're partial to the 'Me? SARCASTIC? Never' sweatshirt.