BEFORE I take you on a tour of Trevor Sorbie's Manchester salon, let me explain one hairy situation.

When applying to join the Sorbie team, Johnny was required to present no less than ten models to Trevor for inspection.

I had gone back to the Eighties and had a flat top cut into my hair six weeks before. I was expecting Trevor and co to bring my barnet back to the future. Well, Sir Trevor himself wasn’t actually around at the Spring Gardens salon when I visited. But I did get partnered with Johnny, a very cool chap with more arm tattoos than Amy Winehouse – and it turns out, the scissor skills to get my hair back to black (or brunette at least).

Trevor Sorbie, ManchesterTrevor Sorbie, Manchester

Johnny plonked me on a chair, ordered my drink and then ran his fingers through my bushy locks and said, head cocked to one side, “What do we fancy doing then?” I explained about the flat top – the reason my hair was rather thick and like a male Kate Bush. Johnny seemed a little intimidated by my forest-like hair helmet but no sooner had I given instructions: “shorter, thinner, less of it,” he was away.

First stop, the wash basin. Always a pleasure, apart from the awkward neck cramp I inevitably get from leaning back into the ceramic bowl. Not at Trev’s gaff. The sink is padded with a leather embossed neck rest so when having your head washed, rinsed and massaged, you’re in ultimate comfort. It’s the little things.

Once back at my chair Johnny got to work and so did I. I found out that he has been with the company since October 2011 and counts working under Trevor’s leadership as one of the highlights of his career. When applying to join the Sorbie team, Johnny was required to present no less than ten models to Trevor for inspection.  All the models had to be coiffed, styled and painted to perfection before their look was scrutinised by the head honcho himself. It would seem that not just anyone is allowed to wield scissors in Trevor’s salon.

Padded sink anyone?Padded sink anyone?


The salon itself is huge and boasts a bar where clients are treated to any concoction of drink they desire. Also in the waiting room are mammoth displays of Trevor’s own-brand hair products. Mousses, creams, conditioners, waxes, pastes, putties and oils of all kinds stand to attention in the glossy backlit shrine to Mr Sorbie.

Back at my chair, things were taking shape. My lap was filled with hair and my head, wasn’t. Johnny had used a scissor technique to crop my sides very sharply and very close and then allowed it to gradually work its way up to a neat military style spiky cut. Not exactly groundbreaking you say? Well, since my flat top had only benefitted from a ‘shoe-shine’ dash of blonde, my Sorbie cut was supremely lacking in the colour department. For the first time since I was fourteen my hair was no longer blond. I know, radical.

Jordan's new doJordan's new do


What’s more, I like it. Trevor Sorbie managed to welcome in a die-hard (or is that dye-hard) blond and turn me into one of those brunette-types. Quite the achievement to add to their list.

Jordan had the Men’s Cut and Blow Dry with Senior Stylist (£53). See below for further options.

Ladies Cut (Director) £70

Gent’s Cut (Director) £60

Ladies Cut (Senior Stylist) £63

Gent’s Cut (Senior Stylist) £53

Ladies Cut (Creative Stylist) £56

Gent’s Cut (Creative Stylist) £46

Ladies Cut (Stylist) £49

Gent’s Cut (Stylist) £39

Personalised colour from (Technician) £21 (Senior Technician) £26

Root/Retouch from (Technician) £45 (Senior Technician) £55

Highlighting from (Technician) £65 (Senior Technician) £75

Trevor Sorbie Solution and Treatments from £61 treating the likes of kinks and frizz .