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We've found the best place to de-stress (and it's not a bar)

IT'S not hard to find a place to unwind in the Northern Quarter, as long as your preferred method of relaxation involves eating and drinking. If you're looking for a healthier (but equally enjoyable) way to let go of your worries and boost your mood, take a tip from those who live in the area and visit the Northern Quarter's only spa: Spa Satori.

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This wellbeing retreat opened at the top of High Street in 2002, filling a gap in the market for an upmarket beauty and therapy centre in the city's most cosmopolitan neighbourhood. Now 15 years in, it's built up a solid fanbase of local residents and workers who swear by its holistic massages and beauty treatments.

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The services range from pampering essentials such waxing, nails and brows, to therapeutic treatments such as Swedish massage and sports physiotherapy. Spa Satori also employs experts in non-surgical aesthetics treatments, and it offers a range of unusual therapies such as the hot lava shell massage and the 'detox box' (a one-person, more comfortable version of a sauna which Confidential). 

Best-sellers include their Ultimate Stress Release Massage which is designed for people who have migraines or back and shoulder tension.

Holistic therapies that offer a chance to rebalance and unwind are what Spa Satori is best known for. Best-sellers include their Ultimate Stress Release Massage (90 minutes, £75) which is designed for people who have migraines or back and shoulder tension, and their Relaxation Package which includes a Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage, and an Eminence Prescriptive Organic Facial (90 minutes total, £75). Their Indian Head Massage (30 minutes, £30) is another popular option.

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If you're not sure which one is for you, book a free consultation with one of their therapists. Many of their treatments can be adapted to suit different needs and life-style goals – whether it's a course of detox therapies or a regular acupuncture treatment. 

While some of us see spa visits as a 'treat' we only indulge in once or twice a year, Spa Satori looks after clients who know that regular time-out is essential for staying in good health. A monthly massage costs about the same as a night of cocktails and chasers, but the sense of wellbeing it brings lasts a lot longer.

Learn more about Spa Satori and book a free consultation or treatment.

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