Much loved tiki bar closing its doors after New Years Eve

The Liars Club has announced it will be closing its doors after one final blowout on New Year’s Eve.

The much-loved late night tiki bar, open since 2012, will remain as a private hire space and all staff will be guaranteed roles at another of the group's sites.

General manager Nick Coupland said: “I come with sad news that The Liars Club will be closing its doors after twelve years of Tiki, as of the 31st December 2023.

“All the team are being relocated to sites within the group and employment remains guaranteed. The venue will remain as a private hire space teaming up with Crazy Pedro’s above to deliver events.

"Then we’ll be looking into the development of new concepts for the group at some point in the near future with the site in 2024.”

The bar released a further statement on social media, which read: "She's had one hell of an innings - hundreds of thousands of zombies, tonnes and tonnes of cinnamon and many a hangover inflicted, with some sand thrown in along the way.

"The team will be relocating to some of our favourite sister venues and the venue will still be available to hire for private occasions as the best party spot in the land.

"Come and join us for a zombie, or two, over the next couple of weeks and one hell of a NYE party at the end of it to send her off in style.

"Thanks for everything - Team Liars"

The New Year's Eve final blowout will also be free entry, unlike many ticketed events that night in the city, so what better way to celebrate the new year, along with twelve years of The Liars Club, then with a last bash on Bridge Street. 

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