FoodHalls Group drop out of Stretford Mall revamp

Having closed sister site Sale FoodHall (now Canteena Bar & Grill) last year, Manchester’s FoodHall brand has announced the shock closure of their Stretford site.

Located in Stretford Mall, Stretford FoodHall sat alongside the General Store and provided a multi-cuisine offering thanks to the rotating vendors who occupied it on a seasonal basis. 

The announcement came today, with the brand sharing the news via their Instagram page @FoodHalls_ this morning. 

Entering inflation, cost of living crisis and this crazy enduring energy situation… we have no more left in the tank.

Stretford Food Hall
Outside Stretford Food Hall Image: Confidentials

The post, written by Proprietor, Mital, began by saying:

"Dear Stretford,

"We have some news,

"It comes with great sadness and torment that we have decided to close on Sunday 11th February 2024,’

It continues to explain how the venue, which opened in 2019 to ‘much risk and [applause]’, very quickly faced problems. A ‘good problem’, however, was that the venue didn’t have enough seats to keep up with demand and popularity in the beginning. 

‘For all the naysayers, Stretford supported us and we couldn’t have been happier,’ the post continued.

Mital goes on to say that covid struck less than a year into trading and ‘changed all that’, adding that they haven’t ‘ever really recovered’. 

Despite winning awards, evolving with the times and doing what they could post-Covid, the brand has struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel financially.

‘Entering inflation, cost of living crisis and this crazy enduring energy situation… we have no more left in the tank.’

FoodHalls will continue to be involved with the GMCA (Greater Manchester Combined Authority) and support them in lobbying for government change in the hospitality sector. They added ‘Too many friends are suffering and we stand with you.’

The FoodHall group have announced how they are ‘very conscious’ of the current environment and have tried their best with ‘all the headwinds’ to keep going ‘for the greater good’.

Mital has given ‘heartfelt thanks’ on behalf of Stretford FoodHall to their food traders, customers, food suppliers, creatives, pop-ups, breweries and artists for their continued support, adding ‘we will meet again one day.’

Mital also shared the business’ appreciation to BRUNTWOOD, who are currently working on developing Stretford Mall and the surrounding areas, mentioning that they ‘helped where they could and we have no doubt the new and final vision will deliver the goods.’

BRUNTWOOD will continue to transform the space as the developments of Stretford Mall further accelerate, providing another food offering in its place.

Stretford Artist Illustration By Bruntwood
An artist illustration of what Stretford Mall is expected to look like Image: Bruntwood

Mital reiterated that the closure is not a reflection of the colleagues and workers at the branch, adding ‘they too have endured a tough ride of uncertainty and changing decisions day to day.’

However, he said that the business had become ‘an operation we don’t aspire to be and this too cannot continue.’

He concluded by saying ‘as a Manchester born and bred business, local and independent, our confidence and Ikigai (as Masako once taught us) has been knocked.  It has been a tortuous few years. But we get up and fight daily. Whilst we are closing, we haven’t given up. We look forward to serving you again one day…’

For now, you can support the team behind Stretford FoodHall at a General Store near you, including Stretford General Store which will remain open.

Read the announcement on Instagram below.

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