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Northern (not) Lights 

Last week we were supposed to have a magnificent display of the Northern Lights. Jonathan Schofield went by train to Littleborough to climb the hills and marvel at the spectacle. There was nothing doing in the heavens but he did find an enigmatic tree. So he went for a pint in the Royal Oak and got the 11.44pm train back to Manchester. 

Northern Not Lights Above Littleborough
Up on the hills above Littleborough waiting for nothing to happen, but still beautiful Image: Confidentials

Boris Johnson on the Rostafa wall had a moussaka in Rostafa restaurant on Princess Street. As with San Carlo there were celebrities pictured with the owners. Not Ronaldo in this case. Nor Wayne Rooney. Nor Rihanna. Instead Boris Johnson was grinning with the staff - two men, so no-one got pregnant. Maybe he was breaking free from lockdown. Boris Johnson: less like a Greek Adonis more like a large feta cheese. 

Img 7078
Boris on the walls of Rostafa Image: Confidentials

Hungry like the wolf for Manchester

These are music fans on a music tour of Manchester. Ten of them had Brummie accents. "Why are you here?" asked the bewildered guide. Turns out they were here for the Duran Duran concert: a sell-out at the Arena. "We love them," said one in that lovely lugubrious accent. “Simon le Bon makes me happy,” said another in deliciously Eeyore-esque tones. 

Photo Of The Week 3
Musical turns with a Birmingham twang. Image: Confidentials

Happy to be here - Hong Kongers

This image is from our article about Hong Kongers moving to Manchester. “Hong Kongers are very resilient and whatever they do and wherever they end up, the strength of their Lion Rock spirit will always shine brightly, no matter what they have had to endure," says Selma Masood.

2023 04 11 Hong Kongers 29
Hong Kong lawyer, Selma Masood, with the biggest smile Image: Confidentials

99-years-old not out

Sheila Lesmoine was 99-years-old this week. This was her party at Lloyds in Chorlton. Sheila has had a fascinating and colourful life including being a Manchester tour guide with specialisations in cholera epidemics and the Peterloo Massacre. Yikes. She also helped get English language books into Russia during the Soviet era. She’s a real wonder born in 1924, born in a world immeasurably different from that of 2023. 

Photo Of The Week 6
Sheila Lesmoine and her friend Christine at Sheila's 99-year birthday party Image: Confidentials

Manchester Cathedral hides behind blossom 

Hayden from caught this glorious picture of a cherry tree hiding Manchester Cathedral. 

Photo Of The Week 5
Cherry religion Image: Confidentials

Appalled Councillor of the week - Pat Karney

This is the famous Pat Karney tweeting: 'Scandal of disabled people visiting Harpurhey Post Office being fined £100 because of McDonalds new parking arrangements. A 92 year old man with a disability pass fined £100. Tried to get -⁦@McDonaldsUK⁩ to help but got nowhere. Am contacting McDonalds Chief Executive.'

Pat is very appalled

Photo Of The Week 2
Pat Karney is appalled Image: Pat Karney (Twitter)

Dapper Councillor of the week dressed as one of the Osmonds 

This is Councillor Pat Karney back in the day. Nice heels fella. 

Fv Of Mjfx0 Aeu9 Rk
The very model of the dapper city representative image: Pat Karney (Twitter)

Beautiful bluebells

Nowhere in Europe does bluebells like Britain. This example is from the lovely country park of Healey Dell in Rochdale. Get up there and bask in their beauty.

Rochdale Healey Dell
Bluebells on display in the north of Greater Manchester Image: Confidentials

Souper protest

Ukrainians demonstrated against the Soviet invasion of their country in Manchester on Saturday. One gentleman showed that humour can survive even an international outrage.

Photo Of The Week 1
Borsht man in St Peter's Square Image: Confidentials

It's a beautiful Manchester ship

The former YMCA on Peter Street, now St George's House, is a Modernist dream of a building from 1911 by Woodhouse, Corbett & Dean. The decoration is in gorgeous Art Nouveau. The Manchester coat of arms on the building has been stretched to great effect but the proud ship of Manchester retains its beautiful proportions. The Guardian is wrong to say it's anything other that a symbol of the blessings that trade can bring. This was our article exposing the nonsense in a piece by Simon Hattenstone in an increasingly bizarre and extreme newspaper.

Img 7113
Ship in full sail Image: Confidentials