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FAQs about how we work at Confidentials


Do you get paid to write reviews?

No. Reviews are entirely independent and the opinions expressed are those of the writer alone. If an article is marked 'Sponsored', it's not a review. 'Sponsored' means it is content paid for by an advertiser but written by us.

Do you pay for the food in the restaurants you review?

Yes. We now publish the receipt underneath the review. 

Do you only write positive reviews for restaurants you want to advertise with you?

No. Our editorial team decides which restaurants to review, and the writer of the review has complete control over what they write. Our sales team are not involved in reviews at all.

Many of our experienced writers work independently, entirely away from the office environment, blissfully unaware of any commercial interest or not. The job of a respected reviewer is to offer a snapshot of their experience on the day, warts and all.

Why do you publish negative reviews — even if it will damage a new business? 

Because we want our readers to be able to trust our reviews. There's no point in us being here if we're not honest in what we write.

Do you accept invitations to review restaurants?

No. Our writers arrive unannounced, pay for their food, and give their own opinion of their experience.


Is it true that you mainly work with big corporate businesses and neglect small independents?

We work with businesses of all sizes. 

How do I know whether an article is editorial or paid-for content?

Paid-for content is marked as 'Sponsored'.

Do you bully people into advertising with you?

No. Our salespeople treat people with respect and we expect them to be treated with respect in return. 

Who have you helped in Manchester?

Click here to have a look.

The Top 100

Do restaurants pay to be in the Top 100 Restaurants Guide?

No. You can't pay to be in it. The restaurants are chosen by our panel of judges.

Does Gordo choose the Top 100?

A panel of five food critics, including Gordo, staff writers, and freelance journalists, judge the Top 100. Restaurants are chosen on merit alone.

Other questions

Have you bought followers on social media?

No. People follow us because we inform, educate, entertain (and irritate) them.

Who benefits from the half-price vouchers sold on the Confidentials App?

Everyone benefits. We take the money from the vouchers as payment for advertising campaigns we run for the restaurant. It means we can pay our overheads, restaurants can advertise without having to pay us upfront, and readers can enjoy 50% off their bill.

Does Confidentials share the same views as Gordo?

We publish many different voices and opinions on Confidentials. Each writer’s opinions are solely their own. Gordo is not Confidentials. He's a persona used by Mark Garner, the founder of Confidentials, in his reviews and social media channels. 

Do you threaten new businesses to persuade them to advertise with you?

See next question: Are you the Mafia?

Are you the Mafia?