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60 Minutes to escape from a locked room using just your ingenuity…are you up to it? Are your friends up to it?

Breakout is situated at two locations: on High Street and on Brazenose Street near the Town Hall. All you have to do is choose your room and book online – make sure you turn up to the right location.

Will you be able to break out of any of these rooms?


Difficulty: ***

A detective has been murdered in his office and you’ve been framed. On the run, you’ve managed to break in to the crime scene. Can you find out who killed him before someone finds you?


Difficulty: ****

The fate of mankind is in your hands – can you find the cure for the outbreak? Ingenious puzzles make this one of our most popular escape rooms.


Difficulty: *****

No prior knowledge of the city or its music required. You’re a thief hunting for collectables – can you find them before the owner returns?


Difficulty: *****

Break in to the control centre and prevent a missile launch. You only have 60 minuted before mutually assured destruction.


Difficulty: ***

One of your friends has been wrongfully imprisoned. Can you infiltrate the prison and help them break free by finding the warden’s swipe card before he returns?


Difficulty: ***

A conference with a renowned scientist goes wrong when he loses his mind and decides to carry out one last experiment…on you. Can you escape his maze of tricks and games before his deadly virus takes effect?


Difficulty: ***

Your friend has been murdered and you’ve broken into the killer’s lair to find the evidence needed to put this psychopath behind bars. Will you find the proof or will you become his next victim?


Difficulty: ****

You book into Crimson Lake Motel and close your bedroom door behind you. Then the panic starts. The door will not budge. You can check-in, but can you ever check-out?


Difficulty: ****

Think of yourself as bounty hunters breaking in to a saloon in search of loot. You need to escape but you also need to grab as much as you can to claw your way up the leaderboard. Will you escape? Will you bag the most money?


Difficulty: ****

Become the spy you always thought you could be and take your final test. You can play Reclassified Blue or Reclassified Green of course but you could get two teams together and play head to head for an extra challenge.

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