IN late 2011 I was introduced to Bare Skin Beauty’s Custom Blended Skincare. After completing a Skinfood Prescription, Juliette Scarfe (Bare Skin Beauty’s founder), created a bespoke skincare range for me based on the answers I’d provided on the online questionnaire. Each hand-crafted, bespoke range comprises a 60ml cleanser, 100ml toner, 100ml serum, and handmade organic bamboo cloth (£149).

Bare Skin Beauty is a brand I recommend for their enthusiasm, ethics, and commitment to holistic health.

As with all skincare ranges, I used Bare Skin Beauty’s products only over a set period to see what, if any, results the products had on my skin. My jawline and neck is prone to breakouts, particularly when I’m due on my period, so to find a range that significantly calmed and soothed my skin’s angry outbursts, as well as leaving it softer and more radiant than I’d seen it in a long time, got my attention. This is a range that prides itself on turning problematic skin around and restoring it to its barest best.

Bare Skin Beauty listen you see – really listen – to the concerns of each individual, taking into account the whole person: mind, body, and soul. And, speaking from experience, there aren’t many skincare companies that can make that claim. Add to that Juliette’s boundless passion for what she does and it all stacks up to a range of products that deliver on their promises.

Bare Skin Beauty Clarifying Cleansing SerumBare Skin Beauty Clarifying Cleansing Serum

I was prescribed the Clarifying Cleansing Serum (£29 for 60ml) which, among other ingredients, contains honey, rosemary oil, and sea buckthorn oil. On first opening the jar, I was concerned the serum would be a tad too oily for my skin, even if it was the depths of winter and I spent my days sat by a skin-drying radiator. But my skin responded well and, after just four days, looked more calm, hydrated, and radiant. 

Their Honey Resurfacing Balm (£26 for 60ml), however, is a personal favourite and one of my beauty heroes. I recommend this to anyone whose skin is in need of some serious rejuvenation as we head into spring. This leaves skin glowing and feeling wonderful. Glorious stuff.

In an increasingly crowded natural and organic skincare marketplace, Juliette has impressed me with her commitment to providing individuals with products that walk their talk. Take, for example, the Breast Serum (£16 for 50ml) she created in response to my Breast Massage article.

Bare Skin Beauty Papaya And Honey Resurfacing BalmBare Skin Beauty Papaya And Honey Resurfacing Balm

After reading my piece, she rang me for further information, asking questions about concerns I’d encountered while working with other women as well as my personal experiences. Although she’d never considered breast massage or done it on herself, she went away and began to investigate and formulate a serum that contained ingredients that would address the needs of the subtle (including the chakras) and physical body.

A few weeks later, after encouraging friends and clients to reconnect with their breasts courtesy of her newly formulated serum, I received a bottle to try for myself. Containing Monoi de Tahiti, frankincense, and myrrh, it has a wonderfully slick viscosity that allows for deeply healing massages with an uplifting fragrance.

Bare Skin Beauty Breast Massage SerumBare Skin Beauty Breast Massage Serum

Most breast serums I’ve encountered so far have been formulated and aimed at uplifting and firming the breasts – in other words, making them look better. Bare Skin Beauty’s serum, however, has been formulated to help nourish the entire breast area from a holistic perspective – the emphasis being on nourish. Skin food in the profoundest, most healing sense, this is a fabulous product I wholeheartedly recommend.

While in London recently, I took the opportunity to meet up with Juliette and have a nosy behind the scenes. She showed me around her alchemical kitchen where she concocts her products. What struck me (besides the wonderful aromas) was her commitment to sourcing the very best raw, organic, and natural products available. If she can track an ingredient back to source, she will. Take her honey: she knows the (local) beekeeper and can personally testify that he loves what he does. Happy bees equals honey of the highest vibes. Source to jar, Bare Skin Beauty ensures it’s all good.

With a plethora of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ products spilling onto market at a baffling rate, Bare Skin Beauty is a brand I recommend for their enthusiasm, ethics, and commitment to holistic health. Most of all, you can connect with them personally and talk to them about your skincare concerns safe in the knowledge they’ll do everything they can to restore your skin to its barest, most beautiful best. So, if you believe your skin deserves only the finest quality products, you won’t go far wrong with this superb independent brand.

Bare Skin Beauty's KitchenBare Skin Beauty's Kitchen

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