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Evelyn, the 28-year-old founder Evelyn beauty spa, on the transformative power of make-up and realising her business dream

EVELYN, House of Hair and Beauty, in central Manchester, is the result of a long-held dream of 28-year-old owner Evelyn. And Evelyn's story exemplifies the power of passion.

"From a very early age I've been totally inspired by make-up and beauty – everything about it intrigued me. I was amazed at how make-up could transform a woman's face and as I grew up, I came to appreciate the powerful effect it had on her self esteem. If she looked good, she felt a million dollars.”

From this early age, Evelyn's creativity was sparked to create a place of elegance and style, where people could find an array of inspired beauty services and, as importantly, feel cocooned in a truly luxurious experience.

So Evelyn set about acquiring the skills she needed, gaining a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in International Fashion Retailing. She complemented these with five years' experience as a professional make-up artist and in that time learnt all the skills of beauty therapy, bringing her creativity to everyone...from brides and public figures to models and A-listers. 

"I absolutely love the world of make-up and beauty and how diverse it is today. You can literally transform anyone into anything with the right tools, skills and knowledge."

And when it comes to the 'tools' – this was another box that Evelyn felt duty-bound to tick.

"I decided right away that I wanted to offer a luxury service, not just a world class experience but one that comprised the use of high-end products.”

And so was born Evelyn's own range of make-up – sourced internationally and packed full of the finest ingredients.

Not content with that, Evelyn's experience also showed her there was a clear need for every skill – hair, make-up, nails, facials, beauty treatments, and aesthetics – to be offered in one single and sumptuous place dedicated to the key elements of personal beauty. The result is a childhood dream come true, in the form of EVELYN, House of Hair and Beauty.

Using her creative knowledge, Evelyn has assembled a hand-picked team of expert professionals ready to transform clients from 'top to toe'. Yet the inspiration of Evelyn and her team is available at very accessible prices. It's another part Evelyn's philosophy; to bring beauty to all.

"I believe that anything you want to achieve in life, you can. Stay humble and true to your roots, give thanks and most of all I believe each and every one of us as been placed on Earth to shine. Tap into your passion and the rest will follow naturally because everything you do from your heart will be successful. Being able to pursue your passion and make a living from it is life's most precious gift.'

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